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This challenge is for anyone wanting to join a supportive community of like-minded people as they try out a whole food, plant-based diet for 33 days. 

Why 33?

Because I just learnt that it takes more than 21 days to form a habit, that in fact, it takes 66 so this challenge gets you half way there and you can stay in the group while you do the rest!

And You can always do it a second time if you want to go all the way! ;-) 

In the challenge you will get...

  1. 50 min phone or Skype consult!
  2. Supportive Private Facebook group! 
  3. Comprehensive Guide Book!
  4. Recipes!
  5. Shopping List & Meal Ideas!
  6. 24/7 Messenger support!
  7. Daily Motivation and Check-Ins!
  8. Weekly LIVE Q&A!
  9. Accountability & Goal Setting!
  10. 30 min Follow-Up Check-In
  11. 33 Days Of General Awesomeness!!

Everyone who has committed to this challenge has seen so many enormous benefits to their health and wellbeing including things like:

  • weight-loss
  • decreased brain fog
  • decreased bloating
  • increased energy
  • elevated mood
  • regular bowel movements
  • deceased aches and pains and more!

Leaving the challenge feeling fitter, healthier, stronger and more in control of their future than ever before!

What have you got to lose except possibly sickness and a few pounds? :-)

Investment: $127

Click on the link below to JOIN NOW!



xx Corinne