Hello, I'm Corinne and I love long walks on the beach (at least that's what it would say if I had a Tinder profile ;-) ), but even more than that, I really love helping women to make the switch to a whole-food, plant-based diet & radically transform their lives from the inside out! 

To be honest, I didn't know how not to sound like a major dork in this 'About' section so here goes...


What do I say about myself?..


Firstly, I'm a bit socially awkward...


I think about banana/berry smoothies pretty much 24/7.


I have 2 little kids who are both adorable and kinda annoying in fairly equal measures ;-) Bless their cotton socks!

I've spent over 3 years trying to figure out how best to spread my message and do this thing I that I can't stop thinking about but I kept getting caught up comparing myself to other amazeballs writers, coaches, speakers and bloggers and ended up feeling a little hum drum by comparison.

I'm ashamed to admit I don't do yoga.

I feel like I need to have blonde beach hair, a sick tan and to be able to salute the sun whilst perched on a rock at high tide, during a Tsunami, looking completely un-phased because #Zen.

Sadly, I have short hair, I'm not really flexible, I hate taking photos of smoothie bowls, actually, I can barely take a decent photo to save my life, I don't overly love social media and I swear a fair bit #NotThatZen.

Here's the deal, when I was 24 years old I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis. 

After years spent overweight (let's call a spade a spade here, I was clinically obese), depressed, chronically fatigued, constipated (TMI but I think a few of you might hear me on this... ), living with monthly Candida and in constant pain from Fibromyalgia, life was.... less than ideal.

In 2008, things went from pretty bloody shit, to really flipping awful, when an MS relapse left me numb from the waist down.

Like seriously, I couldn't feel my... (vagina)

To say I was terrified for my future at this point would've been an understatement.

But, hitting rock bottom inspired me to begin taking control of my health.

I went on a little (13 year) health journey that would change my life completely, from living off cakes, energy drinks and cigarettes, to adopting a low-fat, whole-food, vegan diet!


I know, I thought the same to.

But! I saw the weight finally shed and I stopped needing to take 'nanna naps' every single day. I no longer felt miserable all the time, I wasn't in pain, I could poo finally (you're welcome! ;-)), I wasn't spending each month itchy in the pants (lols - yes I went there) and shock horror...

I wasn't depressed anymore! 

In fact, ALL of my symptoms dissipated and I now feel better than I have in my ENTIRE LIFE!

I even Run and go to the Gym every day now!

I know it sounds CRAY CRAY and if you told me this would happen in 2004 I probably would've laughed in your face and told you to go get me a doughnut, but it really is true.

When you feel really good after feeling REALLY shitty, you kinda want to shout it from the roof tops.

I mean, if I can feel this awesome with a chronic autoimmune disease, I feel pretty strongly, that I should at the very least, try to help as many women as I can on the planet do the same.

This is why I've spent the last 3 years figuring out how best to do that, including spending 12 months retraining as a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, because I intend on helping a gazillion women just like me to feel as incredible as I do (too big an ask? I don't think so)

I honestly believe that when women feel incredible, they make the World a better place just by being in it, so LET'S START FEELING INCREDIBLE TOGETHER and CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER!