Raising my son Vegan

This morning I made a hot lemon tea whilst I cooked my son some beans and chickpeas (poor Grandma who will be spending a large portion of the day with him) and then I made us both a delicious green juice with some kale, apples, spinach, cucumber and carrots.

Mr I.S.N loves to help with juicing and is on a vegan diet due to the increased possibility of him being diagnosed with MS as, he is my son, and I have it. So far raising a vegan child has been one of my most challenging and rewarding roles to date. I am so proud of my son for being so willing to try so many different types of foods at such a young age and to be so healthy and vibrant from eating lots of raw vegetables, fruits, smoothies, and other delicious plant based foods since he started on solids at around 6 months of age. I know many people who struggle to get their children to eat vegetables and Mr I.S.N has listed Olives, Chickpeas, Saurkraut, Kale chips, Tempeh and Green Smoothies as some of his most requested foods to date!

I began this lifestyle so nervous for the future of my family but I have watched our lives unfold for each day to see us getting healthier and happier is such a beautiful thing.

Sharing food with Mr I.S.N and ensuring he ate what we ate, I think has had a lot to do with how his tastes have developed since he started out on solids. I never bothered with rice cereals, I made all my own foods for us and started simply of course but, basically followed the principles set out in the concept ‘Baby Lead Weaning’. This is what made sense to me. He was exclusively breast fed from birth and continues to do this since we introduced solids, so is gaining further nutrients to support and strengthen his immune system from my diet.

As Mr I.S.N is a vegan we supplement his diet for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D and ensure adequate Protein, Iron and other essential nutrients and vitamins, including Omega 3 are included in his diet. This is an important part of the lifestyle recommended for people with MS I follow, created by Dr George Jelinek in his program – Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. I highly recommend anyone who has or knows someone with MS going over to his website and having a look around. It changed my life forever.