Colonic Irrigation - Is it for you?


Ok. Now you’ve seen the pretty flowers, let’s talk about shit.

I’m not a Dr or scientist so this is just my personal account of colonic irrigation. For those of you who have read a bit about the history of my life leading up to my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2004 you will know I would not have been considered ‘healthy’ for most of my life up until this point. I had a long history of constipation, migraines, headaches, general pain and sensitivity, (this lead to a specialist diagnosing me with Fibromyalgia) fatigue and issues with my weight.

In 2006 when I first started dating Ranjit, I found a book in his parents house about colon health and found it a very interesting read. It described the colon as a garden hose and advised that if you poured mud through a garden hose, although it would come out, some would still coat the inside and harden and become difficult to remove. The book also discussed the role of your gut in your immune system. As MS is considered an autoimmune disease, it made sense to me that my history of eating and constipation may also be playing a role in my immune system and my MS attacks.

It wasn’t until I had my last attack in 2008 when I lost feeling from the waist down that I reconsidered having a Colonic Irrigation. My GP at this time mentioned the guts’ role in immune functioning, advising that the state of a person's gut was 70% responsible for a person’s health and well-being. Toxins in your colon and gut can get into your blood stream (which is why medications can be taken rectally as they are absorbed through the lining of the colon) and I knew my gut was toxic. So with my numb legs, I made a call and brought a package of 8 and forced Ranjit to come with me, advising “The couple who has colonics together, stays together.” He curiously obliged.

I should say here that I was one of those people who couldn’t go (poo) outside of my own home. I would only go when absolutely no other option was available and at the risk of my own health, so this was a huge deal for me. HUGE.

Anyway, although I was eating a mostly plant-based diet, I was still eating a lot of junk including lollies, cans of energy drinks, no breakfast, etc… and only quit smoking the day of my attack so I wouldn’t have called myself ‘healthy’ at this time.

The colonic clinic was clean, professional and not as daunting as we both imagined. They have what looks like a paddle boat in a room with a toilet, television, flowers, hygienic hand sanitisers. You sit on the paddle boat with no pants on and their is a tube and a glove and some lubricant and you close your eyes, say a prayer and take the plunge (so to speak). Then you cover yourself in a towel and press a buzzer and a nice woman enters and turns on a tap and leaves you alone with a magazine or the television for an hour while your belly fills up with water and empties repeatedly.

Oh, and there is a see-through pipe beside a mirror so you can watch and see if you catch a glimpse of that Twistie you may have eaten in 1988. 

At this time I did not find any of this enjoyable however, I found it painful. I think at the time I was so unhealthy and ‘backed up’ (Sorry, but you are reading a blog about colonics after all) that when my colon and intestines filled with water I had incredible cramping abdominal pains and discomfort. Each time it was over I did notice increased energy, mental clarity and feeling ‘lighter’ which I loved but I dreaded each appointment and I ended up not going to the final appointment at all…

At the same time as this I was also seeing an amazing acupuncturist and having regular chiropractic treatments (it made sense to me that if my spinal cord (which contains my spinal cord – which is part of the nervous system) was not able to work properly it may impact upon my overall health also) and had quit smoking and started eating much healthier and taking much better care of myself in general.

Since then my health has improved dramatically, I have been vegan since the birth of my first child and have been eating mostly raw food, whole foods, including lots of green smoothies and juices. I decided to try colonics again recently for just to add to the detoxifying that I have been going through as this seemed pretty organic to my journey. I have had two in the last month or so and I must say it was a completely different experience, no pain at all. The waste elimination appeared quite significant, and I felt so much clearer in my thinking, more energy, and just ‘cleaner’ if that makes sense. They recommend to eat cleaner for a couple of days prior and not to eat beforehand which is perhaps the mistake I made the first time round.

I am now an enthusiastic colonic convert and number 2 lover – much to the praise of Ranjit who was always concerned about my phobia of pooing and the state of my intestines and is thrilled I am no longer constipated and relying on Metamucil and other products to assist in keeping me ‘regular’ and then further products to address the resulting Haemorrhoids… Good Lord… I was literally frightened to shit, so this is a massive turn around.

There is a lot of information both positive, negative and neutral out there regarding colonics, so the best bet is to look into it for yourself and do what you think is right for you. 


Now for another flower!