Travelling with a Vegan Toddler

This post won’t attempt to cover everything that may occur just what has occured for us in our few trips away with our son.

Firstly, I read about food in the country or place that we are going and places we can eat and put them on our ‘To Do List’. Then I dedicate an entire bag of our carry on luggage to healthy snacks for the day we are travelling and on the plane as often the vegan meals provided on flights suck (for want of a better word).

Then we slowly procure objects to introduce each hour of the flight in an attempt not to have our son become a flipping nightmare for us and all those around us. Although we are a TV Free household we break out the BIG guns and fill our iPad with every piece of educational and not so educational crap we can lay our hands on as our son does not sleep outside of his bed and will not be cool sitting in one place with 9 toys and some books for more than 7 hours. He just won’t.

We pack back-pack carriers and a stroller and do our best with these to occupy him in long queues and flight delays and just pray really. After his first overnight flight we vowed never to fly at night with him again (sadly until we are forced to in a weeks time) as after a full day parenting hopping on a flight overnight when prior to kids you would’ve just slept the flight away uncomfortably but now you have to entertain a crying over-tired child who is confined to an uncomfortable chair and doesn’t understand that this is his/her bed for the evening, so instead moves around uncomfortably crying for 8 hours straight while you lose your mind.

As far as food goes, we utilised vegan food finding apps on our smart phones to find restaurants and cafes that were suitable for vegans. We also ensured we located supermarkets on the first day so we could grab enough fruit, snacks and meal options in case there were no restaurant options for us.

At DisneyLand for example – I packed what I thought was enough snacks and alternatives for us both however, we ended up spending around three hours sitting waiting for a parade and by the end of this we had finished all our food, were hours off being home and there were no real alternatives remaining at DisneyLand for us so we resorted to over-priced hot chips which were likely cooked in with the other non-vegan items available.These situations can be a nightmare for ‘Hangry’ toddlers and adults alike. Be prepared!

Overall, we have always found there to be a good supply of delicious fruits in all of the countries in Asia we have visited with Mr I.S.N but planning is important if you don’t want to be eating a variety of healthy and balanced meals as a family. The planning and organising of food can be a little tiresome at times, however was always well worth it when we discovered new and exciting food options that suited both Mr I.S.N and myself as well as omnivore Mr R.A.N. Sometimes places with suitable food can be few and far between and at these times it is valuable (if you want to avoid a toddler and mother hunger meltdown) to have fruits, nuts, snacks on hand as a back up plan. Many times we fell back on packs of pineapple chunks, nuts, strawberries and dried fruits when we were on long day trips and became overcome with hunger.

So in a nutshell –

Be prepared

Plan in advance

Take extra food supplies when you go out adventuring

& Enjoy exploring new and exciting plant based foods in new and exciting places!

Hope you are all enjoying your week!:-)

Corinne x