Going Natural in the home – who knew it was so simple?!

Throughout my adult life I have made attempts at going ‘natural’ when it comes to skin care and beauty products with varying degrees of success. I remember starting out when I was 18 years old, buying cheap shampoo and conditioner with ‘natural’ written on the label and managing to ignore the fluorescent green or pink liquids inside the bottles, and believing I was doing myself a favour by taking such good care of my hair.

I refrained from most perfumes, preferring 100% pure essential oils such as Sandlewood, Patchouli, Jasmine, Lavender, etc…

I slowly found shampoos and conditioners that were even more ‘natural’ (and expensive!) and once I became pregnant, my husband encouraged me to go toxin free with all areas of my skin care and beauty regime.

This meant moving to mineral make up, non toxic nail polish, lipstick and lip gloss, eyeliners, etc… and onto hand and face wash, laundry powders, toothpaste, and all other cleaning products.

This past few months I have been making my own cleaning products with vinegar, bi carb and other essential oils and I must say they are working great. They are more cost effective, easy to use and far less damaging to the environment which I love. I have also taken to making my own deoderant, toothpaste , moisturiser and recently I have finally begun washing my hair with Apple Cider Vinegar and Bi Carb after always thinking it would be a flipping NIGHTMARE!! It has been awesome much to my surprise! My hair feels clean and amazingly soft which is a bonus!

Knowing what is going onto/into my skin (the largest organ of the human body) is just as important to me as knowing what is going into my mouth as it all directly relates to my overall health and wellbeing. The skin is so absorbant everything it touches gets sucked right in! Every wondered why when you sit in the bath for a while you need to pee?? The bath water is being absorbed into your body through your skin (kinda gross when you think about it…)  Lotions and creams, make up, and perfumes are filled with toxic chemicals that we definitely wouldn’t swallow so moving away from these products made sense to me coming from a back ground of chronic illness and in my constant journey towards health and wellbeing for myself and my family.


This is pretty much my entire skin, teeth and household cleaning products excluding Eucalyptus Oil, Soap Nuts and White Vinegar as we’d run out at the time of posting.

– Vinegar and news paper/rags for windows

– Vinegar, water and essential oils for benches and general cleaning

– Bicarb and vinegar for the toilet and any more difficult surfaces such as ovens

– Baking soda, Coconut Oil and Peppermint drops for tooth paste

– Coconut Oil and baking soda and essential oils for deoderant (I do sometimes up the anti if exercising and use a natural roll on deoderant as I am a stinky sweat machine. ;-))

– Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed, Jojoba Oil or Vitamin E Oil for facial moisturising

– Mineral Salts, Essential Oils and Almond Oil for exfoliating in the shower

– Soap Nuts in the washing machine

–   A bottle with Bi Carb and water for Shampoo and a bottle with Apple Cider Vinegar and water to Condition for silky soft hair!

If you are interested in going ‘green’ in your home or with your skin care and personal hygiene, like anything else in life, just make a first small change. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing.

Ask people for advice if you find it overwhelming. I know I definitely did.

Go for it!

Corinne xx