Top 10 Tips for 2015

Top 10 SIMPLE and Healthy Habits for 2015!

I’m posting this on the 5th of January as I think traditional January 1st New Years Resolutions are made for breaking and I’m hoping that these Top 10 are simple enough to be adopted and maintained forever, not just for the month of January.

I’m not saying you need to adopt ALL 10 of these but any one is going to be a small step to a less toxic, healthier you for 2015.


1. Get into Green Smoothies.

I started having Green Smoothies for breakfast when I first gave birth to my son and I noticed a dramatic difference to my morning snacking (I didn’t feel the need to as I was getting enough nutrients first thing to get me through until lunch). I noticed an increase in energy levels, mental clarity and also benefits to my digestion (I no longer have any issues with constipation after years of suffering through my late teens and early twenties). There are so many delicious recipes online and ingredients do not need to be reduced to expensive superfoods although if you can afford them go for it! A Green Smoothie can be as simple as: Almond milk, a banana and a handful of Spinach. Organic is always preferable but if you don’t feel this is possible, just make sure to wash your fruits and vegetables prior to use. A regular stick blender is all you need and my mum just brought a fine one from Target for $15 so there really is no excuses for you not to give it a try! ps Don’t be scared of consuming more fruit! It is full of fibre, vitamins and nutrients and the Glucose that every cell in our bodies needs to survive and rejuvenate!

2. Lose the toxic chemical perfumes and replace them with essential oils.

Make sure the oil is an ‘essential oil’ and not a ‘fragrant oil’ as this is a synthetic version of the oil. Not only are they non toxic, but can offer you aromatherapy benefits that are not possible in standard perfumes. Plus they are far less expensive!

Don’t use directly on your skin, add it to a carrier oil such as coconut or almond oil, or to an item of clothing (be mindful with this re possible staining) and explore the endless possibilities until you find a scent that you love! Pregnant women need do a little more research as certain essential oils are not recommend during pregnancy.

I also love Australian Bush Flower Essences – as perfumes, they smell great and offer many natural healing benefits.

3. Get some Sun!

The further away from equater you live, the more likely it is that you are deficient in Vitamin D. This Vitamin is vital to calcium absorption and regulating the immune system and is many people who are diagnosed with chronic illness find they have been severely deficient in Vitamin D.

10 minutes of full sun per day is all that is needed, and if like me, you live in a colder climate and find stripping off for 10 minutes in winter altogether unappealing, simply take a good supplement during those colder months. I promise you will notice a great difference in your energy and immunity especially during those winter months when it seems everyone has a cold or flu! I have gone from catching every bug going around to being very rarely unwell!

4. Stop using aluminium filled deoderant.

I don’t want to stink as much as the next person, but that stuff is toxic. It clogs up your sweat glands with toxins (we stopped cooking with Aluminium for a reason…), who wants to put a known toxin right beside their breasts?? I haven’t used aluminium deoderants since I became pregnant with Iggy and although I have had varied successes and stinky failures along the way I have found that generally coconut oil mixed with an essential oil is perfectly fine for your average day. When I exercise I might use a natural over the counter deoderant that is a little more ‘heavy duty’ if I feel like the coconut oil isn’t cutting it, but I still have not needed to go back to deoderant’s that are filled with toxic crap. People have even found simply rubbing a slice of lemon or lime under the arms works great so why not give something natural a go in 2015?

5. Getting out in Nature.

Planting your bare feet into the Earth is incredible. Even for a minute a day. Take off your shoes and socks and walk on your nature strip if you live in the CBD or don’t have a yard. You will never regret it (check for prickles first however!). Obviously if you can, walk in a forest, a field, along the beach in the sand. Getting out in nature benefits humans physically, mentally and spiritually. It reduces stress and the negative ions in nature make us feel more positive and happier in general so give it a try! It’s FREE!

6. Meditate.

Now self care is always something that people leave last on their to-do lists. We are all exhausted at the end of the day and after getting kids off to bed or organised for the following work day but 5 minutes (minimum) as often as you can has great impacts on health and well-being. You can download meditations onto your smart phones and listen as you hop in bed for the evening. There are a million different types to suit everyone. I like a guided meditation when I’m getting back into meditating as I like to have someone talk me through the meditation as I find this gets me out of my own head more than simply relaxation music. These apps can be FREE or at only a small cost but are totally worth it if you have trouble unwinding after a hectic day and switching off. Try it once a week if daily seems too much for now and notice how it makes you feel. I find initially it can make me feel more tense as I want to snap my fingers and feel relaxed but with practice it becomes much more effortless and peaceful and can provide a platform for wonderful self discovery and growth.

7. Cut out Dairy.

I know everyone LOVES cheese and chocolate but seriously. Cows milk is for baby cows, but aside from that here is a list of health reasons why dairy is ridiculous for humans:

– Dairy is known to be inflammatory.

– The countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption also have the highest rates of Osteoporosis.

– If you’ve ever breastfed a human infant you will know nipples get sore. Thankfully, we know to take care of ours and can apply creams and the like to address cracked and sore nipples but cows don’t have this luxury so their nipples get cracked and ulcerated and those infected sore nipples are being milked twice a day leaving pus in your milk, cheese and chocolate. It is listed as the ‘somatic cell count’ because ‘pus’ doesn’t really sell well but it is still ‘pus’ at the end of the day. There is likely only a drop, but it’s still pus from a cows nipple. This pus is pasteurised for sure but at the end of the day, cooked pus is still too much pus for my liking… Puke.

– Research into Dairy has found it to increase the likelihood for certain types of Cancers such as Prostrate.

– It is full of saturated animal fat and is recommended to be avoided by both people with Cancer and people with Multiple Sclerosis (low fat milks have been found to be worse for health than full fat milk and are basically void of nutrients).

– 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant – we can’t even digest the stuff?!

– It is linked to sinusitis, diabetes, constipation and ear infections to name only a few.

– It’s full of antibiotics and pain killers as the cattle are regularly unwell.

There are better sources of digestible calcium to be found in nuts, seeds, beans, seaweed and fruits and vegetables.

Plus every lactating cow is only lactating as a result of being forcibly impregnated year after year and having her new born baby taken from her to be used by the meat and dairy industries and mama cows love their babies just as much as we do…

Humans haven’t always consumed dairy and we survived without it, and research has found that countries/communities with the least instances of human cancers have been found to consume little to no dairy and following the introduction of dairy into their diets the rates of cancers increased.

If your own health isn’t enough, the environmental damage that results from dairy production is an absolute nightmare in itself – land clearing/deforestation for grazing, grains fed to cattle that could be used to feed starving people in third world countries, the toxins from dairy production that runs into waterways and contaminates crops (think Mad Cow disease), according to a study conducted by the South Australian Dairy Industry – the dairy industry is responsible for 10% of the green house gas produced in Australia alone and one third of all methane and nitrous oxide in Victoria which as far as green house gases go are more damaging than Carbon Dioxide due to creating greater warming in the atmosphere. Triple puke…

There are wonderful plant based alternatives out there, such as Oat, Almond and Hemp Seed milks. Lindt 70% chocolate is incredible and dairy free plus there are more and more dairy free and delicious chocolates and nut based cheeses coming into the market every day.

If giving up dairy seems CRACKERS insane to you right now, maybe try replacing milk in your smoothie with a plant based milk and slowly experiment with alternatives until milk is a pus filled thing of your past! 

8. Give up toxic cleaning products.

I use Vinegar and Bi-Carb on EVERYTHING!! It cleans the oven, the shower, Vinegar cleans windows and mirrors, they clean the toilet, the shower, sinks, what ever! I add a little Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus when I want things to smell fresh but otherwise those two ingredients are a MUST HAVE! Plus they are clean for you, your little people, and the environment! I use soap nuts or chemical free wash powder and you’d be amazed what Soda Water can do to pet stains on your carpet or furniture! Cheaper for you and kinder to your planet = Win Win.

9. Switch your Shampoo and Conditioner.

I haven’t used shampoo and conditioner for a while now and my scalp and hair feel clean and amazing. All you need is Bi Carb (I know, I know… But it really is that great!) and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and a plastic or glass bottle or container in your shower and you’re OFF! I just tip in a dessert spoon of bi-carb as I’m getting into the shower, rinse my hair, fill the container with water and pour it over my head and massage it in. Rinse and add a tbsp of ACV, fill with water and pour that over my head, massage and rinse and your DONE! Silky soft hair awaits!

10. Ditch your tooth paste and make the switch.

I made the switch to Coconut Oil toothpaste this year, alongside regular oil pulling and tongue scraping and have noticed a massive reduction in sensitivity and pain, no more bleeding when flossing, plus whiter and stronger teeth. I simply mix coconut oil together with mint essence and baking soda for a toothpaste, I keep a small stainless steel container of it made up in my bathroom and it’s DONE! Once or twice a week I scoop a spoonful of coconut oil into my mouth and chew it and swish it around for 10 to 20 minutes, spit it into the bin (can clog sinks and drains when it re-solidifies) and rinse which I have found has assisted in alleviating gum pain, bleeding, sensitivity and also has had a whitening effect on my teeth. Both oil pulling and tongue scraping are traditional Ayurvedic practices, with a long history of success in detoxifying and healing a multitude of ailments from allergies and eczema to heart and kidney disease.

You can buy tongue scrapers from health food stores and pharmacies for a small price and coconut oil and baking soda can be found in any supermarket. I assure you once you make the transition you and your mouth will never look back! 

And just for fun…

Number 11! Trade your moisturiser!

Since making the change to natural oils such as Coconut, Rose Hip and Jojoba oil I’ve noticed my skin is cleaner, fresher and more vibrant than ever before! You may notice it feeling a little oilier initially and you may break out for a few weeks while your skin is making the transition but I have noticed a decrease in my sun spots, lines and increased vitality in my skin ever since and I definitely won’t be going back.


So that is the end of my Top 11 for 2015.

Hope some or all of these make an appearance in your 2015, but please don’t beat yourself up if you simply aren’t ready for any of these.



Corinne xx