It’s time to take the LEAP!

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So when I started this website/blog I was busy studying and in a very different place in my life. My family and friends had been telling me for years to start a blog about my health and MS journey but I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be surrounded by talk about MS. I worried that the more I dove into the MS world, the more I would become a person with MS. That it would limit me. Box me in. That it would become the sum total of who I am and I felt like I was so much more than merely a label signifying disease.

When I finally decided to take the leap, I thought naming my blog MS Vegan Life would at least mean I could write about MS but also include plant based recipes (veganism) and also my Life in general. I was still frightened of fitting into one, exclusive box however, this week I’ve come to realise that to truly assist people living with MS, I need to make sure I am writing recipes that are 100% in line with the recommendations laid out that best support healing and recovery.

So I have decided to begin making vegan recipes that are fully in line with the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis recommendations found at the link below.

So far I have been attempting to cover all bases, but I have realised that there are a gazillion vegan food bloggers out there providing people interested in plant based recipes with incredible and delicious recipes however there are limits on what is currently available for people with MS who are transitioning to a plant based lifestyle to heal their bodies.

Although I will still be writing delicious plant based recipes, I feel like I need to stop being afraid, and completely jump into helping people with MS on their healing journeys, catering specifically to people with a diagnosis of MS who are interested in holistic healing.

If you are following my page, I assure you, the recipes will remain delicious, they will simply be far lower in fat or fat free.

Everything else will remain the same.

I simply can’t ignore the feeling in my gut telling me that I should help support people with MS more.

11 years ago I was sick, disempowered, alone, scared and I didn’t know where to begin.

I want this space to be a place where people don’t feel as alone, as frightened, as hopeless.

I want each recipe to be in line with the recommendations listed in the link above, so that people with MS can have a resource that takes the stress out of meal time, making room for them to focus on their own journey towards healing and RECOVERY.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Still Vegan.

Still Delicious.



The future looks bright! xx Corinne