How to get a better night sleep effortlessly!

I have to admit it.

Like many of you, I stay up in front of a screen most nights.

Sometimes I’m watching all of my many stories on the television, sometimes I’m ‘working’ on my laptop (also known as arsing about, and even more often I am hiding under my blankets beside a sleeping infant scrolling through social media like the addict that I am.

Although, I have taken some recent steps to become more mindful of my social media usage, it’s still a problem and it has taken a toll on my ability to fall effortlessly to sleep (as have my children).

Until very recently, I would switch off my phone and set it to flight mode, close my eyes and toss and turn for up to an hour or more cursing my over-active mind.

I’d try meditation or Reiki self-healing to calm myself and get off to sleep and some times this would work a treat but recently, more often than not, I’d find myself getting more and more agitated as every second passed and I remaining awake.

I previously thought it was simply social media provoked anxiety due to the barrage of horrifying news items that appear (I won’t lie, sometimes it totally is this), but I now know that simply altering the colour of light that my screens are emitting, blue light to be specific, can have a tremendous and almost immediate impact on my ability to fall asleep with ease.

So after some reading I discovered that the blue light that is emitted from our devices confuses the body’s biological clock, the circadian rhythm that tells our bodies when we should be asleep and when we should be awake. Prior to the invention of artificial lighting our bodies circadian rhythm was governed by the sun however, now we are spending more and more of our time indoors and in front of blue light, these natural rhythms can begin to beat to their own, often unhelpful, drum.

An unhappy circadian rhythm can lead to insomnia, but has also been said to have significant long-term health effects, such as obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

So although the blue light on our computers, laptops, iPads and smart phones are great at keeping us awake and alert during the day, they can cause all kinds of problems when we use them after dark.


So what to do?

Get your full dork on and look like me!

Seriously though, I purchased a pair of orange lens sunglasses for $8 online and have been road testing them for about a week now and I must say I’ve noticed a pretty big difference.

For one, it’s just more tedious to view almost anything through the orange lenses making trawling online for hours slightly less appealing.

But more importantly, as opposed to blue light, the orange light makes me feel tired, instead of wired.

Two hours before bed is ideal but I’ve found even 20 minutes before bed and I’m falling to sleep with minimal effort and in record time!

I don’t want to be too hasty but I’d say I’m waking more rested also and less frequently through the night!

So many WINS!

Seriously, make the switch and watch the fat melt away! (it won’t but I’m serious about the better sleep!)


Ok, I’m off to bed!


Much Love to you all,

Corinne xx