When we talk about ‘Clean Eating’ what does it mean?


The term ‘clean eating’ is bandied about seemingly everywhere these days but what does it really mean?


Well when we talk about ‘Clean Eating’ we typically mean:


Fresh and ideally organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds or ‘whole foods’.


Outside of this it means:


- Shorter Ingredient Lists on food packaging

- No artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives

- Low sodium, sugar and saturated fat

- Whole grains

- High in fibre


What clean foods are we loving right now?


Breads - Although we don’t recommend consuming too much bread, we realise it’s hard to resist and our favourite is Oat or Millet bread, as it digests beautifully and doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and sluggish like regular bread can.


If you’re in Melbourne, any of the vegan breads made by Hope Farm are also delicious but stick to traditionally made breads with few ingredients and you can’t really go too wrong!


Grains - When it comes to grains, we love organic brown rice, quinoa,  millet , amaranth and buckwheat. Simple and delicious.


Plant based Milks – Bonsoy is our all time favourite, hands down.


PureHarvest Oat and Almond milks are great for those who are avoiding soy.


Legumes and Pulses – Canned or dried - try to find BPA free


Oils – We avoid using any oil for cooking

Dressings – Braggs brand Apple Cider Vinegar is wonderful with whole grain mustard and a little organic maple syrup as a dressing for roasted veg or salad. Spiral Tamari is the bees knees on everything.


Dips and Salsas – Try making our delicious home made hummus (see blog recipe) and salsa by Spiral Foods – Medium Piquant Salsa is delicious.


Spreads – We love a small amount of avocado in place of anything requiring ‘butter’, otherwise anything by Mayvers brand is always incredible as far as nut butters go however it’s not available at most of our major supermarkets, and Melrose nut butters are great if you are shopping at Woolworths or Coles.


Quick kid friendly snacks – Yumi’s falafel balls are great with veg and in salads and wraps, chopped fruit, oat cookies, veg sticks with hummus or gauc, smoothies, bliss balls, baked potato bites, homemade popcorn, nuts, seeds and dried fruit! 


Meal planning and weekend prep for the working week can really help to reduce our reliance on packaged foods, making eating cleaner much easier. Try planning your menu and preparing meals in advance to remove hassle during the week, such as pre-cooking rice and beans and freezing in batches. Chopping vegetables and storing in air tight containers can take extra time off as well, making eating whole, clean meals during the week effortless!


Hope that clears things up for you! 


xx Corinne 





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