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If you’re exhausted, overweight or living with chronic disease, you’re in the right place.

If you start each day dreading getting out of bed and then spend the rest of the day reaching for food to help give you the energy you need to make it through until bed time, I hear you.

If you know my story, you’ll know I’ve been there (If you don’t know my story - it’s a doozy! Check it out by clicking here).

Now that I’m on the other side, I am dedicated to helping women to transform their own health and feel better than they have in their entire lives.

That’s a pretty wild claim I know, trust me, I’ve been doing this for long enough to say without hesitation that for those that do the work, incredible results are not only typical, they’re predictable

The big question is: ARE YOU READY TO DO THE WORK?

If you answered ‘YES’, let’s get started.

The Whole Health Program

News Flash! REAL change takes time and I want you to feel better PERMANENTLY, not just for 12 weeks.  So the question is...

How much do you want to change? Do you want the next fad diet, the next 13 week extreme weight-loss challenge, the next juice cleanse, the next soup diet, the next whatever it is that promises rapid weight-loss in the first couple of weeks and then has you crashing, burning and ending up feeling worse than ever? It's up to YOU. Why do you want to transform your health? Pause for a moment. Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Breathe into that thought, into that feeling... What would life be like if it was finally different? How would you have changed? This program is about so more than just eating plants, it's about CHANGING who you are. It's about changing how you see the world.  But you have to COMMIT. You have to SHOW UP. You have to do the WORK. And if you do, I can gaurantee you will come out the end of our 6 months together feeling much more in control of your health and life.

So what do you get?

The Whole Health Program includes:

  • 1 x 50 min Skype consult per fortnight

  • Weekly Video, eBook and PDF content over 6 months

  • 2 x 3 month goal setting/action plans

  • Unlimited Facebook messenger support to clarify any of the information discussed in our sessions

  • Entrance into private Facebook group

  • Weekly emails filled with tools and resources to make sure you make the most out of the program

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A's

Highly Recommended if

  • You have finally committed to yourself and your health and will stop at nothing to achieve goals other's think are impossible!

  • You are sick of trying the same old things and getting no where.

  • You want to off load and connect with someone who will truly listen and support you on your road to health and happiness!

  • You looking to step away from the traditional calorie control diet plans and to begin to focus on reconnecting with yourself mind, body and soul.

Investment: For best results, $1764.00 which covers the 12 fortnightly sessions which are: $147 (Payment Plan Available)

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What a beautiful, reassuring and supportive session. Corinne, your gentle encouragement has helped me take the first crucial steps on my health journey and I’m feeling empowered by how I can nurture my body through food and work towards achieving inner peace.
— Kristy