Notella Overnight Oats

I have heard so much about overnight oats recently and as I long-term smoothie lover, I couldn't see how any other breakfast could ever win my heart, until this beautiful friend came along...

I wanted to make something Iggy, Theo and I would love, that had the nutrient punch I expect from my morning smoothie, but that would taste even more like a luscious dessert!

You can make this in a giant glass, or just eat it straight from a bowl, no mess, no fuss and all of the flavour!


1 1/2 C Quick Oats

1 drop Hazelnut Flavouring (you can use vanilla if don't have these)

1 tbsp Cacao

1 tbsp Chia Seeds

1 C Almond Milk (you will need enough to cover and stir through to a wet porridge consistency)

Maple Syrup or Coconut Sugar or Mashed Banana to your preferred sweetness

**I avoid saturated fats for my Multiple Sclerosis diet, but a good spoonful of Hazelnut Butter or Almond Butter would be amazing in this also.


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate over night or if you are desperate even 30 minutes will do! :-)

Top with frozen berries, passionfruit pulp, fresh figs, sliced banana or any fruit of your choice, maybe add a sprinkle of Hemp Seeds for Omega 3, goji berries, some toasted pumpkin seeds or Buckwheat, a sprinkle more of coconut sugar and enjoy!! 

xxx Corinne