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Glenda Aurisch

'For the first time in FOREVER.... and after I thought I haven't been doing any good... I'm happy to tell you that my scales are now showing double digits - not triple figures! So glad I met you when I did!' - Glenda Aurisch

 Glenda Aurisch

Glenda Aurisch

Kate Hutchings



The 22 Day Challenge was "FANTASTIC!" 

'Really motivating to have something to follow and a plan. Also to have the set goals to do those things I wanted to achieve. 

Enjoyed being more mindful and planning food in advance. Made me think outside the box. 

Experienced an increase in energy and loved feeling aligned with my values.

Would definitely recommend it!' - Kate

 Sabrina Bains

Sabrina Bains

Sabrina Bains 

‘I am truly grateful to have been one of the few selected to participate in Round 1.

I can proudly say, I am still at it (however best I can). Vegan & Gluten free!

I really liked that Corinne took the time to chat with us before the challenge to go over our goals. This was awesome!

Also, the ebook is a wonderful guide which I still occasionally refer to. Not going to lie, the first week was the hardest!! Food is associated with feelings and attachment and the thought to giving up cheese and wheat was the hardest. Actually, even harder was the omitting oil part. I kept thinking ‘how the heck can I ever do that???’ And was pleasantly surprised that you can indeed sauce in water. Wow!

The meal prepping was hard too. It was hard trying to mix and match items create the perfect nutritious balance. I found myself creating a few boxed up teams of the same stuff, leaving me hating some of them by the 3rd or 4th meal. My breakfast has been the same throughout the past 6 weeks (oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, etc) and I still enjoy this though. Lol!

Umm, the exercise has got to be the hardest!! Very hard making a conscious decision effort to make the time for one’s self, especially with kiddos in the picture. This part I still need huge work on. And the water part felt a little hard in the beginning, but it became second nature as a few days go by.

Umm, the meditation part was great as it’s only 5 min you commit to. Amazing how many things we can come up with to be grateful for.

Overall, great program! Highly recommend! It becomes easier once you get the hang of it. Thanks Corinne!! - Sabrina

Sally Spratt


‘I was not very organised, and am still very reticent when it comes to planning and putting aside time to prepare, however, Corinne’s booklet was extremely useful, especially for taking shopping.

I was a red meat, fast food, eat everything person, and I didn’t cook at home, nor did I shop. Therefore the change for me was quite extreme.

I was unsure of what some of the ingredients were (and had to do many searches of the internet to understand what they meant). Corinne helped me with suggestions and encouragement. Her vlogs and various posts were entertaining and passionate as well as full of information.

Although I didn’t meet some of my goals, there was no judgement, just inspiration and reassurance that I was still ok, and in no way was I failing. I was praised and supported, which allowed me to have a ‘bad’ week and get back on the challenge and change my habit. From commencing the challenge with the three week period I achieved the following:

I lost 7 to 8kg through diet alone; My belly fat reduced by 10cm; My Iron levels went from 12 to 15.6; my sleeping patterns improved; my food bill was greatly lessened; my ability to deal with stressful situations developed positively; my skin glowed; my breath and other b oddly functions were much better. 

I have had some difficulty figuring out recipes and how and what to cook, as I grew up on the ‘meat and three veg’ farm diet. I am continuing to eat a plant based diet and am extremely happy to have been part of this challenge with Corinne. She is a wonderful role-odel and inspirational in her life changes. Making it attainable to the rest of the community. Thank you Corinne' - Sally