Episode 2 Alana K Recovers From Interstitial Cystitis With a Plant-Based Diet

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Medical Disclaimer: This podcast is not a replacement for professional medical advice. I am NOT a Doctor. These are hope stories, they are NOT prescriptions, and every person's body, environment, lifestyle, etc... is different, so please, please, please seek medical advice and get a second or even third opinion preferably from a doctor who has been schooled in the benefits of a plant based diet. In a nutshell: See A Doctor. xx Corinne

Hello and Welcome to Episode 2 of When Life Gives You Lemons, GO VEGAN!

In today’s episode, I interview Alana K who was crippled by a condition known as Interstitial Cystitis, where painful cysts were growing over her internal organs leaving her basically confined to bed and unable to participate in life without debilitating pain and suffering.

Alana’s life drastically transformed when she stumbled across a whole food plant based diet and is now completely symptom free and loving life running her own business as a vocal coach!

Plant foods for the WIN!

Alana is the founder of Alana K Vocal, if you’d love to improve your voice, you can find out more about Alana’s work here at www.alanakvocal.com

Alana Rocking The Whole Food Plant Based Life

Alana Rocking The Whole Food Plant Based Life

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