Episode 16 Overcoming Food Addiction & A Year Eating Only Potatoes With Andrew 'Spud Fit' Taylor

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Medical Disclaimer: This podcast is not a replacement for professional medical advice. I am NOT a Doctor. These are hope stories, they are NOT prescriptions, and every person's body, environment, lifestyle, etc... is different, so please, please, please seek medical advice and get a second or even third opinion preferably from a doctor who has been schooled in the benefits of a plant based diet. In a nutshell: See A Doctor. xx Corinne


Episode 16 and the episodes just get more and more fascinating! This week I was blessed to interview Andrew 'Spud Fit' Taylor about his journey overcoming food addiction by committing to eat only potatoes for 365 days. 

Andrew ' Spud Fit' Taylor

Andrew ' Spud Fit' Taylor

Andrews story is so interesting to me as like many people, I have been through many periods of yo-yo dieting myself over the years and I think most of us have been surrounded by women and men who have some form of food addiction in our lives. 

Andrew was obese, and living with clinical depression and anxiety and had spent years yo-yo dieting when he realised that what he was experiencing was an addiction to food, just like a smoker or an alcoholic needs to remove themselves from the source of their addiction in their efforts to overcome their addiction however, when it comes to an addiction to food, things become more difficult as we need to eat to survive. So after a lot of research into the ability of potatoes to sustain a human body for extended periods of time, Andrew made the decision to give it a try for a period of 12 months, in hope that cutting out all of the foods that he previously enjoyed in excess, he would overcome his addiction to food once and for all. 

In the 12 months of the challenge Andrew lost over 50kg consuming around 5kg of potatoes each day of the challenge and no longer feels overcome by depression and anxiety that was profoundly impacting his life for years prior to this challenge. 

Andrew shares his amazing before and after photos

Andrew shares his amazing before and after photos

After years falling off the wagon, Andrew discussed his fears around not being able to complete the full 12 months  of the challenge, and what that might mean for his future, like any lifestyle change, it's very simple to focus on our potential to fail, Andrew talks about the importance of focusing on what might happen should we succeed.

How would life be different if you reached your goal?

Miraculously, after years living with fairly debilitating depression and anxiety, Andrew noticed a lift in his mood within the first 2 weeks of eating only potatoes and 12 months later feels completely recovered and although like everyone, feels sad at times, it is no longer to the extent that it impacts on each and every day. 

Following the completion of the challenge Andrew continues to eat a very simple, whole food, vegan diet because of all the many benefits he found during the challenge to his overall health and wellbeing and he now supports men and women across the world to overcome food addiction through his Spud Fit challenge, coaching, books and talks around the country. 

So what did he eat each day? Andrew gave us an example of a day in the life of eating nothing but spuds.

It was really interesting to listen to Andrew discuss how people seek comfort, enjoyment, and emotional support through food, and how this is at the crux of food addiction and so he wanted to complete this challenge in an attempt to find 'comfort, enjoyment and emotional support' in other areas of his life. Ultimately, changing his thoughts, was the key to changing his health and life. Such a valuable lesson.

 My two favourite take aways from this interview were:

  1. 'When you focus on the external, you lose sight of the internal message your body wants you to hear'

  2. "Keep Your Food Boring, AndYour Life INTERESTING"

We've all had well meaning family and friends question us when we try to make grand scale lifestyle changes, Andrew shared his experience overcoming any push back from family and friends during the challenge and how he managed eating out during his 12 month spud challenge. 

Andrew talks about how he broke the challenge after the 12 months, eating things that are good for you but that you don't necessarily enjoy and rewarding yourself with doing more fun things that you enjoy. 

Finally, Andrew gives us 3 more awesome tips to move forward:

  1. Always have healthy food with you at all times

  2. If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice

  3. Give yourself permission to think about what could happen if you succeed

A lucky free tip: If you're not addicted to food, consume a low fat, whole food, vegan diet.

You can find out more about Andrew and his work here:

Check out his website: www.spudfit.com

Find Andrew on social media @ Spud Fit

Book: The DIY Spud Fit Challenge available on the website as well as the opportunity to sign up for the Spud Fit challenge. 

There is also a retreat coming in February so check out the website to get along to that! 

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