Episode 18 Overcoming Terminal Breast Cancer & Running 366 Back To Back Marathons Around Australia

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Medical Disclaimer: This podcast is not a replacement for professional medical advice. I am NOT a Doctor. These are hope stories, they are NOT prescriptions, and every person's body, environment, lifestyle, etc... is different, so please, please, please seek medical advice and get a second or even third opinion preferably from a doctor who has been schooled in the benefits of a plant based diet. In a nutshell: See A Doctor. xx Corinne


Episode 18 BLEW MY MIND! (insert explosion sound)

This week I was over the moon to interview the incredible Janette Murray-Wakelin from RAW the Documentary, who in 2001, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and given six months to live and after making changes to her lifestyle (including making the shift to an entirely raw, whole food, low fat, vegan diet) was completely cancer free at the end of six months!

Janette and Alan

Janette and Alan

In 2013, Janette went on to complete 366 marathons back to back around Australia with her partner Alan when they were both in their 60's!!! What an achievement!! 

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Like many diseases, Janette believes her Cancer was environmentally triggered and so decided to remove as many environmental toxins as possible that might create of perpetuate disease within her body, such as moving house, changing her workplace, incorporating more fresh juices, mindfulness and adopting a raw mostly fruitarian lifestyle.

Currently 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with Cancer, making Janette's story even more inspiring. 

During the interview Janette discussed a little of the How & Why people might consider adopting a raw vegan diet - cooking kills many of the enzymes and minerals found in foods which is why a raw vegan diet is highly beneficial to healing as there are more of the beneficial enzymes and minerals in the foods needed for optimal health. 

Janette discussed the importance of questioning our choices and how they impact upon our health long term and also her personal Cancer journey, the diagnosis, treatment options and how she moved forward.

A key take away for me was the importance of finding a doctor that is open minded and able to acknowledge the potential benefits of 'alternative' treatment methods and working alongside holistic practitioners for the best possible outcome for patients living with chronic disease. 

Janette also discussed some of the biggest challenges faced during the 366 days running marathons around Australia

- terrain and climatic conditions

- logistics such as organising volunteers, media interviews, vehicles, food, etc... 

Unexpected Highlights: 

- Spiritual connection with the Earth

- Meeting animals, people along the way and connecting with nature

We also talked about what to do when you're injured and can't exercise the way you like to and what to do if you've NEVER exercised before, where should you start such as - walking, yoga, swimming are great places to start at whatever fitness level you're at. 

Currently Janette and Alan are busy travelling the world touring with the Raw documentary and walking and running/walking pilgrim trails.

Q. If you are living with chronic disease, what can you do?

Janette's answer:     

Start by 'looking within'. You hold majority of the answers you are looking for.  Start each day first thing on waking with a smile. Start the day in a happy frame of mind. If you value yourself above anything else, you will give yourself what you need to thrive. Remember, your body is the best there is. We need to make ourselves the top priority, become our own best friends, so that we realise we are worth it, and then changing our behaviours becomes easier. Our bodies are our homes, and like the Earth, we need to take care of it. So start loving yourself, and the answers will become clear.

We briefly discussed getting support to go within if you find it difficult to reconnect with yourself or if you have opposition to your decisions or beliefs such as going against family and friends, what you can do.

Janette's Tips For Optimal Health and Vitality:

1. Do your own research & make your own informed decision that is right for you.

2. Go within to help find the answer

Then I offered my complete humble gratitude and overwhelm at the awesomeness of Janette's work and story.

You can find more of Janette's story at her website:


Links can be found on website to facebook pages and other social media.

Updates regarding Raw The Documentary can be found on the raw vegan path website, and the documentary facebook page. You can also purchase the Raw Can Cure Cancer and Running Out Of Time books on the website, along with the documentary. 

If wanting further information contact Janette and Alan at: email@rawveganpath.com

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You Janette for such a truly inspirational interview, and such great work helping so many on their own healing journeys, not to mention for the positive impact your work is having for the lives of animals and on the future of this planet. 

Post 'thank you' I remembered to ask for a quick 'What I eat in a day' which is NOT TO BE MISSED! So stay around until the end to hear exactly how Janette fuels her body after overcoming Cancer.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode and got as much out of it as I did, which was A LOT! 

Thank you all again, 

Wishing you amazing health,

Corinne xx