Episode 15 How To Change Your Habits & Become A Better Communicator With Psychologist Clare Mann

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Episode 15 is here and I was lucky enough to chat with Clare Mann an Australian-based vegan psychologist, best-selling author and passionate animal advocate. She consults with clients all over the world to help address the personal and social challenges of being vegan and living in a non-vegan world.

Claire Mann

Claire Mann

She runs public and in-house training programs in communication, team-building and ethical leadership and regularly appears on TV and in the press.  She has authored and contributed to numerous books.  Her latest book, Communicate: How to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said, in the way it needs to be said, has international acclaim with foreword written by US presidential advisor Doug Wead.  She is Editor in Chief of the digital business magazine Ethical Futures: Conversations that Matter, which champions initiatives that are profitable and successful, without abusing people, the environment or animals.

She is the co-founder of the Vegan Voices Smartphone App, a free 30-day video training with tools and techniques to respond to typical communication challenges faced by vegans as well as resources to support the information they share. She is co-contributor to the Sydney Vegan Club 30-Day Vegan Challenge, the books Plant Powered Women and Everyday Vegans and regular contributor to numerous vegan magazines.  Her next book, Vystopia:  The Anguish Vegans Face Living in a Non-Vegan World, will be out in early 2018.  She provides face to face and online skills training to help vegans and animal advocates communicate more effectively and animal welfare organisations collaborate for increased effectiveness

In this episode, Clare shares her thoughts on so many fascinating topics including:

- The importance of being an exquisite communicator when talking with others about adopting a vegan lifestyle or in any area of life

- Clare's personal journey of discovering and adopting a vegan lifestyle

- The difference between plant based diets and veganism

- living as an 'Outlier' 

- learning to live with emotional discomfort in our efforts to create change and alter our long term habits and conditioning

- Eating with family and friends - what to say to make eating out with non vegans easier

- Where vegans get their B12 & Protein

- How to make the change to a vegan lifestyle when it seems impossible

- Cravings: what are they and how to overcome them

- How to change a habit

- The importance of whole foods

Clare's Top 3 Tips For New Vegans:

  • Tip 1: Question your Assumptions.

  • Tip 2: Educate Yourself, Become a Detective on the benefits of a Vegan Life

  • Tip 3: Become a great Communicator so that you can more effortlessly explain this way of living to friends, family and the general public.

Plus loads more! 

Thank you Clare and I hope you all get as much out of this interview as I did. 

You can find more from Clare at the following links: 



Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/veganpsychologistclaremann/?fref=ts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veganvoicesapp/

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOhwfncw15XBXtxjM7MHRiA