Episode 62 Type 2 Diabetic, Blind, Terminally Ill & Needing A Lung Transplant Until She Went Plant-Based

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Honestly, I don’t know how to talk about Kate McGoey-Smith without tearing up. Some guests stories just do that to me. I’m so grateful to each and every guest who has come on this show and shared the worst moments of their lives so openly. Their stories touch peoples lives and give hope to those who might have spent years completely void of any hope in their lives. Kate’s story is undoubtedly going to have a huge impact on who ever hears it.

In 2007 Kate was a busy mum and clinical social worker who loved her family and her career in solutions focused family mediation and sharing her knowledge as a university lecturer. Kate was overflowing with energy and committed to giving to all the people in her life except of course, to herself.

When Kate developed a cough which grew more persistent, followed by fatigue, sluggishness and swelling in her legs and abdomen, she lead her to an acute care visit where she learned she had Type 2 Diabetes. After more testing Kate discovered she had severe right-sided heart failure and sleep apnea, further testing discovered idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH). Kate was given 2 years to live without treatment and 5 years with treatment. As a mother myself, my eyes are filling with tears as I write out her story. My heart breaks for her family and for those families out there who are suffering like Kate was…

Within months of receiving this news, Kate was reliant on an oxygen tank day and night to help her breathe and rapidly lost her eyesight and was placed on a waiting list for a lung transplant.

After 5 years spent almost completely house bound outside of visits to her doctor and reliant on a long list of medications, Kate stumbled across the Forks Over Knives documentary and with support from her family and community attended Dr John McDougall’s 5 day intensive programs and begun teaching herself to cook whilst legally blind and too weak to stand.

Less than two years later Kate’s eyesight was restored, she was off the transplant list and her right-sided heart failure was gone! She also lost over 110 pounds and her IPAH was downgraded to a level 1 and she was taken off her diabetic and IPAH medications!!

Kate McGoey-Smith Before & After

Kate McGoey-Smith Before & After

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