Episode 57 Weighing Over 400 Pounds, The Heart Attack That Saved Her Life

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Hello and welcome back to Episode 57 of The Corinne Nijjer Podcast!

It still feels a little weird saying that and I know not everyone has been keen to jump on board but this feels right to me, especially as I already have a website and Facebook page under this name so if nothing else, it’s convenient! ;-) If you haven’t heard my reason for rebranding, I mentioned it in a recent Facebook post and in the intro (may have been outro?..) to Episode 56 so you can find more details there.

We have been spending a lot of time focused on extreme weight loss stories recently for no reason other than this has been the order of people who have been available to record interviews for the podcast ;-) but personally, as someone who spent much of my life overweight or obese and very unhappy, these stories really inspire me.

Considering most of today’s chronic diseases stem from people’s poor dietary choices and most of these dietary choices lead to weight gain, with up to 70% of Australians, Americans and the British folk are living in overweight or obese bodies, I think we need as many stories focusing on low fat, whole food, plant-based weight loss as possible, to help give hope to the millions of people throughout the World that are currently desperate to lose weight after a life time of fad diets and regained weight.

This week I was excited to meet Karen Hauserman who, when denied gastric bypass surgery whilst weighing over 400 pounds, realised she was having a heart attack and took her future into her own hands. Check out this weeks episode to hear Karen’s incredible story.

Karen Hauserman Before

Karen Hauserman Before

Looking at these pictures, it’s difficult to believe these two Karen’s could be the same person!

Karen Hauserman

Karen Hauserman

So many of us assume that being overweight or obese is just a part of who we are, that we’re just born with a ‘bigger frame’ or ‘big boned’ and come to accept our larger bodies as our ‘normal’ even when we feel tremendous discomfort, dis - ease and often very low self confidence as a result (this was my experience and the experience of many of my guests and is not meant to shame anyone that is currently living in an overweight or obese body). It can be difficult to do almost anything at all when you’re just so very exhausted and sore from carrying around so much excess body fat on your frame, or when it feels like every single person is looking at you and judging you for the size of your body.

Karen and many of the guests on this show have completely transformed their lives for the better and are now filled with an energy they’ve never known before and the ripple effect of this is that they can then go out and help inspire others to believe in themselves, to challenge what they’ve come to believe about their own bodies, to do something different.

Just Look At Karen NOW!!!

Just Look At Karen NOW!!!

I hope Karen’s story inspires you as much as it inspired me and if it does, I hope you’ll take the time to share her story with your family and friends.

You can Follow Karen on Facebook here

Thank you Karen for coming on the show and sharing your story and thank you all so much for listening.

Corinne xx