Episode 68 Doctor Michael Klaper Talks Nutrition In Medicine

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Hello and welcome to episode 68!!

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This episode was really special to me as it was with none other than Dr Michael Klaper who I was lucky enough to meet last year at the Melbourne leg of the Nutrition in Healthcare Symposium held by Lucy Stegley at Raw Events Australia!

Lucy has since joined forces with Dr Heleen Reox who was featured in episode 4 of the podcast, to form the not for profit organisation Doctors For Nutrition. Doctors For Nutrition will be hosting the Australasian Nutrition In Healthcare Conference from Feb 15 -17, 2019 so make sure to get your tickets so we can all hang out listening to Dr Neal Barnard and a host of super awesome, plant-based doctors and other experts! See you there!! :-)

Dr Michael Klaper M.D

Dr Michael Klaper M.D

Michael A. Klaper, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago.  He received postgraduate training in internal medicine, surgery, anesthesiology, and orthopedics at University of British Columbia teaching hospitals in Vancouver and obstetrics at the University of California at San Francisco. He has practiced acute care medicine in Hawaii, Canada, California, Florida and New Zealand.

Far more fulfilling to him is his current practice, focusing on health-promoting food and lifestyle choices to help people prevent the need for hospitalization and surgery.  He has authored numerous articles on plant-based nutrition and is authoring a book on using plant-based medicine to arrest and reverse disease.

A long-time radio host and a pilot, Dr. Klaper has served as nutrition advisor to NASA’s programs for space colonists on the Moon and Mars and on the Nutrition Task Force of the American Medical Students Association.

Dr. Klaper has been featured in several films focused on health and sustainable living, including the award winning “Diet For A New America”, “What the Health”, and “Cowspiracy.”

To improve his own health, and to minimize suffering of sentient beings, Dr. Klaper adopted a plant-based diet in 1981. He makes the latest information on health and nutrition available through his website, DoctorKlaper.com, where visitors can find the numerous videos and DVDs he has produced, as well subscribe to his free newsletter, “Medicine Capsule.”

In this episode doctor Klaper answers all the burning questions we get as plant-based eaters such as:

  • Where do you get your Protein?

  • What about Iron from red meat?

  • Isn’t the Keto Diet the best diet for our health?

  • Don’t you need calcium from dairy?

  • What about K2?

  • Going vegan is extreme, you really should eat everything in moderation?

  • Isn’t raising your child vegan dangerous to their health?

    & so much more…

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To find out MORE from Dr Klaper, head to his website: www.doctorklaper.com and to hear more about the work he’s been doing since retiring from True North Center, head to https://www.doctorklaper.com/moving-medicine-forward and don’t forget to FOLLOW Dr Klaper on Facebook.

Thank you Dr Klaper for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening, sharing and supporting this podcast.

Merry Christmas for next Tuesday!

Corinne x