Episode 70 Doctor Overcomes Rare Autoimmune Disease & Severe Digestive Issues With A Plant-Based Diet

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Hello and welcome to episode 70 of the podcast!

70 episodes sharing people’s incredible stories of recovery after adopting a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet!

It’s hard to believe that there is now 70 episodes of this podcast, 70 reasons to give a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet a try - what have you got to lose except for chronic disease, excess weight, brain fog, constipation and fatigue?

I’ve said it so many times, the guests on my show don’t get their old lives back, they get entirely NEW, BRIGHTER, BRILLIANT and HOPEFUL lives in place of the sick and unhappy lives they once lead.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

As we come into the New Year I’m reflecting on all the things I have to be thankful for throughout 2018 and aside from the health of myself and my family, this podcast and the guests who have come on the show and shared their stories, the listeners and those who have taken the time to reach out to me or to leave a kind review over at iTunes (Apple Podcasts), all those who have SUBSCRIBED - your support and bravery to share your stories so openly IS giving HOPE to sick people all across the world. That’s something. Everytime you SHARE, TAG, COMMENT, RATE, REVIEW or agree to come on this show as a guest - you are helping this podcast, these stories of HOPE to reach more people. What you’re doing helps people and for that, I am so so very grateful to you all.

Dr Benjamin Benulis

Dr Benjamin Benulis

This episode I was thrilled to interview Dr Benjamin Benulis, a plant-based doctor of chiropractic based in Phoenix, AZ, USA.  Prior to that he worked as an engineer in the microchip industry when he came down with a rare autoimmune disease called chronic myalgic encephalopathy.  After exhausting traditional medical options with no success, he was able to get himself well adopting a whole food plant based diet and making other lifestyle changes.  He now helps people transform chronic pain and chronic disease into fuel for a better life.

Check out Ben’s FREE Recovery Blue Print here.

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Thank you Dr Benulis for coming on the show and thank you all for listening.

See you in the New Year!!!!