Episode 64 Prostate Cancer Reversed With A Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

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Episode 64 is here and for those of you who have been listening to this podcast for a while now, you’ll know my Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in late 2017 so this episode felt particularly personal to me.

According to a Harvard paper on Prostate Cancer and Lifestyle intervention, Prostate Cancer is the most common form of internal malignancy in American men, second to lung cancer and it tends to occur more in men who consume a diet high in saturated animal fats.

In 2013 Dick Sloane was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at only 49 years of age. Dick’s father had been diagnosed with the same form of cancer years earlier and it would eventually take his life.

In that first week following his diagnosis, two leading surgeons advised Dick to immediately have his prostate removed and he was booked in for surgery in April 2014 but, after having witnessed his father’s journey and knowing that there was a fairly high chance the surgery would lead to impotence and incontinence Dick wanted to try something completely different.

Dick’s father had undergone radiation only for his cancer to return 7 years later and like so many of the guests on this show, Dick truly believed that his best course of action was to focus on the cause of the disease and not merely on removing the symptoms.

Dick began seeing Dr Geovanni Espinosa (Dr Gio) a Naturopath focused on ‘Proactive Surveillance’ - Diet, Exercise, Supplements, Stress Management, etc…

Dick also delved into medicinal cannabis oil in his attempts to heal his body (although all forms of oil is advised against on a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet, this is Dick’s story and like all other guests on this show, Dick’s healing journey is not a prescription)

Following his work with Dr Gio, Dick’s PSA results stabalised. Dick went back in for another biopsy and MRI in Sep 2015 two years after his initial diagnosis and was given the all clearand by 2016, he no longer had any trace of cancer in his prostate.

Dick Sloane - Health Warrior

Dick Sloane - Health Warrior

One of the key take away’s from Dick’s story is that for most people, prostate cancer is a slow growing cancer. What this means is for most men, you have time to try out a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet and see how it goes for a month or so. If you’re confident you have done enough research and found a competent care team to help support you while you focus on making the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle and you do this responsibly and with the awareness of your health care team and check in regularly to have your PSA levels checked, from the research conducted by Dr Dean Ornish on prostate cancer, there is a good chance that your PSA levels will stabilise and reduce over time.

Dick recommends people dealing with a cancer diagnosis read the book Anti Cancer by David Servan-Schreiber which he found helpful for his own research.

Dick now supports people to take control of their health through his work at Health Warrior Way and you can find him on social media on Facebook at Health Warrior Way and Instagram at Health Warrior Way. You can also check out Dick’s blog at Health Warrior Way Journal

Dick’s Top 3 Tips for trying out a WFPB Lifestyle:

  1. Education - Educate yourself every single day and keep going until you have ZERO doubt in the disease preventing power of a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet.

  2. Talk to people with Prostate Cancer and learn about their experience with the disease.

  3. Create a program that synthesises the research you have done and FOLLOW IT.

Dick’s story filled my heart with hope for my own father and for all the young men out there who are still consuming diets high in saturated animal fats and red meat, etc… that they won’t have to endure this form of diagnosis, that they can start changing their diets and lifestyles NOW and never have to lose the function of their penises (I know not all men do, but many, many men with prostate cancer do).

Thank you so much Dick for coming on the show. x

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