Episode 23 I Interview YouTubes Starch Queen Of Hearts & She Interviews Me

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Episode 23 is finally here after a very long wait! 

This week I was privileged to interview YouTubes very own Jeanne Schumacher, also known as the Starch Queen of Hearts and in a surprising turn of events, she ended up interviewing me! 

Jeanne Schumacher.jpg

If you haven't heard of Jeanne, here's a little of her background taken from her YouTube About page:

'My journey to a healthier lifestyle began with a trip to the emergency room (a 105 degree fever, deadly high blood pressure and an unknown infection). Luckily, the physician who attended me was not only trained in medicine but also in nutrition. This doctor started me on a journey that would not only change my life, but my health destiny forever!'

Jeanne had been living with ongoing weight struggles, fatty liver, high blood pressure, thyroid syndrome, fatigue and headaches until her mystery illness set her on the path of discovering the incredible work of plant based doctors such as Dr Neal Barnard and his book The Cheese Trap and Dr John McDougall's book The Starch Solution. From here Jeanne's life changed forever. 

Thanks so much Jeanne for taking the time to speak with me, I loved chatting with you and am so grateful for the opportunity to share my story on your channel. :-) 

You can find out more about Jeanne, including how to work with her and take her up on her 30 day program at the following links: 



We also managed to record this interview for Jeanne's YouTube channel as well which you can watch here at Jeanne Shumacher Starch Queenshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDBTpKsoRKI 

Thanks for listening and we'll be back to regular programming next Sunday where I interview plant based EXPERT and Naturopath Robyn Chuter where she shares all kinds of incredible goodness with us! :-)