Episode 24 How To Live Symptom & Medication Free With Crohns Disease

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Ok, it's episode 24 and we are back to weekly episodes after a couple weeks when we were away a lot with work and festivals and unable to get our act together. 

This weeks episode is another awesome recovery story and this time it's a second story of a recovery from Crohns Disease which most believe is incurable.

Christine  Mullaney is on the show this week and shares her story of how she adopted a low fat, whole food, plant based diet helped her overcome the truly debilitating symptoms of Crohns disease and get her life back! 


If you'd like to learn more about going vegan, Christine is currently working as a mentor at Challenge22  

Thanks for coming on the show Christine and thank you all for listening.

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Thank you and see you next week!

Love Corinne xx