Episode 37 Dr Andrew Davies On How To Avoid A Visit To The ICU

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This week I was lucky enough to interview Intensive Care doctor, Dr Andrew Davies from the New Normal Project podcast and hear all about how he radically transformed his life after reaching breaking point in his career. 

Dr Andrew Davies

Dr Andrew Davies

As an ICU doctor, Andrew has a deeper understanding of the issues impacting the health of his patients which have lead them to become patients in the ICU. Through his podcast and talks at events such as last years, Nutrition in Medicine Symposium, Andrew is dedicated to helping to inform people about the things they can do now to prevent them from ever becoming one of his patients in the future. 

In this episode Andrew talks about his own journey to discovering the benefits of a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet and also his work and the sign posts he notices in patients within the ICU and what we can all do to help ensure we never become an ICU patient ourselves.

Thank you Andrew and thank you all for listening and supporting this podcast.

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