Episode 35 Can Going Raw Fruitarian Help Heal Hashimoto's Disease & Multiple Sclerosis? Find Out.

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'My name is Rebecca, and I have been vegan for the animals since 2009, but still got very sick. I began my raw vegan fruitarian journey on October 12, 2014 to battle "incurable" debilitating Multiple Sclerosis, in addition to Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, Hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes), High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Alcoholism, Benzo Withdrawal/Damage (as prescribed), Caffeine Addiction, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression, Acid Reflux, and Obesity. I lost 80 pounds, quit all medications, regained function of my body and mind, and found new purpose in sharing this healing message with anyone it may help.'

Rebecca Rosenberg

Rebecca Rosenberg

Episode 35 is here and it's with someone who I've been following for a very long time, because her story, is an MS story. Whenever I need a little bit more encouragement or inspiration or hope that there is still more I could do to help my body heal dramatically from chronic disease I look to The Texas Fruitarian and Rebecca Rosenberg. 

As mentioned above, Rebecca was vegetarian for many years and then vegan prior to being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and so when she was left numb down her left hand side due as a result of what she would discover was a diagnosis of MS, she knew being vegan alone, wasn't enough to heal her body. Whilst still in hospital, Rebecca made the decision to go completely RAW FRUITARIAN and she's currently far beyond one thousand days fully raw and thriving symptom free from her MS and Hashimoto's and as an added bonus, she has also lost a whole pile of weight and is looking and feeling better than she has in her life! 

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