Episode 41 Debilitating Ulcerative Colitis Healed With Whole Plant Foods

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Hello and Welcome to Episode 41 of When Life Gives You Lemon's, Go Vegan!

Now I've forgotten to do a **medical disclaimer** for while now but wanted to reiterate - SEE A DOCTOR! Find a decent doctor or health care team and work with them towards your optimal health goals. This podcast is not a prescription/gaurantee/cure to all diseases on the planet, even though it is a GREAT place to start! My TMJ (jaw) is still badly damaged even though I eat a whole food, plant-based diet and so I still see a nutritionist, dentist, doctor and chiropractor BUT, so many other things feel AMAZING so this way of eating is still so very worthwhile. 

Now you might remember that we recently had Shamiz Kachwalla from High Carb Health on the show sharing his own incredible journey healing Ulcerative Colitis (you can listen to Shamiz HERE), well this week we have Jason Fontana on the show!


I absolutely loved meeting Jason and hearing his story, especially as I often hear people dismiss a WFPB way of eating due to having to travel for their work and Jason really blows this excuse out of the water as just another story that we tell ourselves that keeps us stuck in sickness and disease. 

Jason was diagnosed with UC in 2014 after living with the symptoms of the disease since 2012 and followed the standard protocol for the disease until 2018 as his disease continued getting progressively worse. In March of 2018 (so only very recently) Jason's doctors advised him that if his disease continued to worsen, he would require surgery and that was the push Jason needed to take his health into his own hands and try out a WFPD diet. 

Check out this weeks episode to hear just how rapidly things began to change for Jason below:

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And Twitter at: @DoesAnIM703

Thank you so much Jason for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening and supporting this podcast. 

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Thank you Jason for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening.

Wishing you incredible, plant-based health,


Corinne xx