Episode 45 Overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis & Bi Polar Plant Based

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Episode 45 and I feel like that is a number to CELEBRATE!!

45 stories of incredible recovery and HOPE from people taking control of their health and lives by adopting a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet and refusing to accept that they had no power over their illnesses. 

We are so much more powerful than we know and as someone who has sat in the specialists office and been told 'there is no science to diet. You will get sicker and sicker until you die', these stories were exactly what I needed to hear all those years ago when I felt so alone and terrified for my future.

These are HOPE stories and I will continue to share these stories until they are so freaking LOUD that they can no longer be ignored. 

A low fat, whole food, plant-based diet has given and continues to give quality of life back to people who have spent years living without hope of ever existing without pain and suffering, it does this over and over again and to myriad chronic illnesses that we'd previously assumed were incurable and unmanageable without pharmaceutical intervention. 

45 episodes in and each week I am newly blown away by the stories shared by the guests on my show. Ordinary people who took BOLD steps on a path that is not yet worn, on still nothing more than a whisper that maybe, just maybe, the food we eat has been making us sick. 

This week I interviewed Julie Corrin who shared her story of living with so much pain from debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis whilst at the same time living years of her life consumed by mental illness and then...


I'll let her tell her story. 

Julie Corrin Today

Julie Corrin Today

Thank you so much Julie for coming on the show and thank you all for listening and SUBSCRIBING to this podcast and sharing these stories on your social media to your family and friends. These are HOPE stories and maybe, just maybe, they'll help save someone's life...

Wishing you love and incredible health always,

Corinne x