Episode 46 What Happens When A NFL Coach & A Cheerleading Coach Ditch Meat, Dairy & Eggs?

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Hello! I know I get so excited every single week when I get to share people's INCREDIBLE stories of recovery after adopting a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet but I just can't help it! It literally makes my heart explode when I hear about how people have dramatically restored their health and taken control of their lives after suffering from chronic disease. 

This week I was so grateful to get to interview Tony and Heather Confer and hear both of their stories how a plant based diet has given them their lives back and things just keep getting better and better for them! 

Tony is a high school NFL Coach and Heather is a college Cheerleading Coach and both had gained some weight over the years as a result of enjoying a fairly standard American diet rich in meat, cheese and eggs.

Heather & Tony Confer

Heather & Tony Confer

Tony was living with high blood pressure and high cholesterol when at a regular doctors visit he discovered that he weighed 301 pounds... At that moment Tony made the decision to finally do something. This was the beginning of a dramatic lifestyle change for the Confer's that would result in them losing a whopping 100 combined pounds in 7 months and discover a whole new way of living. 

Thank you so much Tony and Heather for coming on the show, I absolutely loved meeting you and am so grateful to you both for sharing your story with others who might be inspired to follow in your footsteps. 

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