Episode 44 Extreme Weight Loss & Vegan Gains

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Episode 44 is the beginning of what I hope to be thousands and thousands of whole food, plant-based weight loss stories. 

There are so many incredible stories of transformative weight loss in the whole food, plant-based arena and I'm so excited to share Richard Hubbard's story with you in this episode. 

In 2012 Richard weighed 350lbs...

Richard was living with hyper tension, high blood pressure, chronic aches and pain, tingling, itchiness and was regularly short of breath - Richard's health had reached breaking point - he HAD to do something. 

After years spent over eating, binge eating and yo-yo dieting, Richard finally took control of his health once and for all and the results are nothing short of incredible. 

Richard Hubbard's Before & After

Richard Hubbard's Before & After

You can find more of Richard's incredible weight loss journey here: http://www.healthylivingct.com

Also check out Richard's awesome vegan t-shirt range here: http://veganbodygear.com 

Hope you enjoy the show! :-) 

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Thank you so much Richard for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening.

Wishing you incredible, plant-based health,


Corinne xx