Episode 47 Fred Tross Proves Age Is No Barrier To Taking Control Of Chronic Disease

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Episode 47 is here and this week I was so grateful to interview a man by the name of Fred Tross whose refusal to resign to the status quo of chronic disease and ill health is truly inspirational. 


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Fred has experienced a number of significant challenges to his health dating back to 2013, with what started with episodes of tachycardia, a saddle pulmonary embolism and then a fractured spine at T12 in 2016 all of which he met head on by drawing on his personal resources that he'd stored up throughout his early life.

On the topic of ageing and disease formation and progression Fred noted:

'later in life, resilience can be positively or negatively impacted by issues of employment, health, finances and relationships, depending on one’s attitude.  Generally, I feel that if self-esteem is well grounded, one can emerge triumphant against adversity on any front, though declining health is probably the greatest enemy of resilience amongst older adults. The maintenance of a healthy body and soul should be paramount throughout life yet, poor diet and a declining spiritual awareness appear to be the social norms. In this regard it is important to develop an attitude of continuity. In many cases, accepting that drugs are the answer, as doctors would have you do, is a fast track to palliative care. I have met diagnoses of congestive heart failure and diabetes with indignance, weaned myself off virtually all prescribed medications and adopted a restorative whole food plant-based diet as an act of resilience.

Keeping physically and mentally active is important. A sedentary retirement after a long period of activity combined with a growing sense of finality can breed symptoms of depression and mount an attack on resilience, which can also be militated against by diminishing libido and a contraction of intimacy between lifelong partners.

The empty nest syndrome can have a negative impact particularly if the departure of children is not soon partially compensated for by the arrival of grandchildren – the latter help to maintain a sense of purpose which is perhaps the core of resilience in older age.'

Fred has such a strong passion for disease prevention and helping to inspire other to live a healthy, disease free life well into old age. 

Thank you so much Fred for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening. 

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