Episode 52 Menopausal Symptoms Alleviated Without HRT

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Episode 52 is here and that means this podcast has been putting out weekly, whole food, plant-based recovery stories for an entire YEAR!!!

It’s our 1st Birthday!!!!

I’m always many exclamation marks excited, but especially today knowing that there is now 52 incredible HOPE filled recovery stories out in the universe for people to find, be inspired by and hopefully help them to drastically improve their health one bite at a time.

Thank you so much to you all for listening each week, for leaving kind Reviews over at iTunes & Stitcher App, for Sharing these incredible stories on your social media and for Subscribing to and supporting this podcast.

I feel so very grateful to all the wonderful guests who took the time to come and share their stories with me - each one of you touched my heart and I am so honoured to have met you all.

Thank you everyone! xxxx

This week I was so excited to chat with Kim Petrovski who was living with debilitating hot flushes and other symptoms of Menopause that were preventing her from enjoying life. As a woman, I have heard countless horror stories about Menopause and I know so many women who have had to struggle along feeling like they’re cooking from the inside out, bursting into tears and fits of anger, struggling to regulate their emotions, struggling to sleep… But, what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Kim Petrovski

Kim Petrovski

In this weeks episode Kim shares her own personal experience and her disappointment lack of options and information available to women who are peri-menopausal or menopausal and what she discovered along the way that helped her to get her life back.

Spoiler Alert!! - she discovered a plant-based diet ;-)

In this episode Kim also spoke about her 40 year battle with full body Psoriasis and her recovery is truly incredible!

Thank you so much Kim for coming on the show and thank you all for listening.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Corinne xx