Episode 53 Can A Plant-Based Diet Help Heal Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis?

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Welcome to episode 53 and I can’t believe we are in the second year of this podcast!

I’ve decided to make a few changes in the coming weeks/months because I really want these stories to reach the people that need to hear these messages of hope. In the coming weeks I will be changing the name of this podcast (probably to my own name just because then I won’t have to create an entirely new website, social media account, etc…). I am doing this because unfortunately, I realise that the term ‘vegan’ can turn a lot of people off clicking on this podcast and as a result these people are potentially missing out on the very real possibility of transforming their own health for the better.

I want this podcast to be for everyone and to reach people like myself in 2004 when I was at my sickest and I’m not sure I would have clicked on a vegan podcast back then. At the time I had no interest in environmentalism or animal rights, I just wanted HOPE and the possibility of a future without disability and chronic disease.

This podcast has become such an incredible part of my life and I have been so lucky to have met some amazing new friends so changing the name feels a little bitter sweet but I think it’s a necessary step in getting this message out to a broader audience.

Thank you all for your support for me and this podcast and I hope the name change will not cause too much confusion moving forward. :-)

But back to the point of this weeks episode!

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis seem to be almost a given once we reach a certain age and this weeks guest Pascale had been suffering terribly with both conditions for over 9 years and living on a cocktail of toxic medications before discovering a whole food, plant-based diet and gaining her life back and even losing 15kg in just 3 months!

Pascale Semali

Pascale Semali

Pascale’s story is a must listen for anyone living in chronic pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis, please take a moment to share this episode with your family and friends on social media so that they might be inspired by Pascale’s story. :-)

Thank you so much Pascale for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening.

Corinne x