Episode 54 How A 73 Year Old Avoided Having Both Knees Replaced

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Episode 54 is here!!

This week I met 75 year old Esther Loveridge who is possibly the most energetic and enthusiastic 75 year old I’ve ever met! But it wasn’t always that way.

Just a few short years ago, Esther weighed 257 pounds and discovered her knees were bone on bone and was advised that a knee replacement was in her very near future. At that moment, almost like magic, Dr John McDougall’s book: The McDougall Program For Maximum Weightloss landed in her lap and the rest is history!

Esther has gone on to lose a remarkable 141 pounds and keep them off and no longer needs her knees replaced!

Esther Loveridge Before & After

Esther Loveridge Before & After

Check out Esther’s amazing story in this weeks episode and if you want more of Esther’s boundless, plant-based, enthusiasm, make sure to JOIN her Facebook group: Esther’s Nutritional Journey where she gives you daily encouragement and support on your own whole food, plant-based journey.

Hope you get as much out of Esther’s incredible story and boundless enthusiasm as I did! :-)

Thank you so much Esther for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening each week.

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Wishing you all the very best and see you next week!

Corinne x