Episode 71 Joseph Weighed Over 438 Pounds & Was Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes, This Is His Story

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Hello and Happy New Year!!!!

Wow! Welcome to 2019 and I spent last night with one of my closest and oldest friends and our children connecting and enjoying one anothers company. Later in the evening when all the babies were sleeping, I took time out to set my own intentions for 2019 and to release and let go of anything that had been keeping me stuck during 2018. I find in doing this I feel much clearer heading into each new year, more focused on the person I want to become and the steps I need to take to become THAT person. For years I never bothered setting intentions or writing down my goals for fear of failing to see those dreams and goals come true, but what I have discovered over the years is that, without taking time out to take stock of who I am, where I’m at and where I’d like to be, I tended to stay fairly consistently unhappy and stuck. I spent more than 30 years feeling stuck and unhappy and since committing to regularly check-ins with myself (I’m a monthly type of gal), my life has changed fairly dramatically for the better and continues to grow and evolve as I grow and evolve as a person.

2019 is the year I am going to commit more to connections, to family, to community, to love, to mindfulness, to my own spirituality, to fun and to my yoga and meditation practice. I’ve spent so long focused on my committing to a whole food, plant-based diet and healing my body and my issues with food addiction that this finally feels like the year to commit to other areas that play a key role in optimal health.

Ok, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve realised with school holidays on currently, I need to slightly lessen my work load so I can spend more quality time with my son before he begins Grade 2 at the end of January so I will be dropping back to one episode per week on a Monday/Tuesday for the month of January. Hope you all understand and I look forward to getting back to regular scheduling in February, 2019.

I’m cutting it fine here in Australia (we had guests staying last night and today and our wifi was super slow…) but episode 71 is here to bring in day 1 of the New Year!! :-)

So excited to share this weeks guest with you!

Joseph Alexander: Before & After

Joseph Alexander: Before & After

Joseph Alexander, PhD(c), RN made a remarkable transformation from a 438-pound (199 kg, more than 31 stone) diabetic, with repeating septicemic infections and at high-risk for cardiovascular failure, to losing more than 200 pounds and becoming a long-distance runner. After adopting a whole-foods, plant-based diet with no oil, Joseph was able to stop using diabetic medications with no detectable trace of diabetes, stopped having life-threatening infections, and dramatically reduced his risk for cardiovascular disease. As a Registered Nurse, Joseph has a strong interest in helping others to find their way to healthful living. Joseph has two Bachelor’s degrees, in nursing and in chemistry. He has a Master of Science degree in nursing, and a Master of Philosophy degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. He is currently a nursing PhD candidate and expects to finish that degree in about another year. He has proposed a holistic model for health and wellness, the Healthful Living Model, and is researching relationships between spending time in nature and human health. After practicing clinically for a decade in oncology nursing, Joseph became a nurse educator and researcher. In addition to his academic work, he is also known for his seasonal work as an Interpretive Naturalist in Minnesota’s State Parks and Trails, work that he values because in his previous state, he “simply could not have physically done it.” Joseph is married to the globally regarded information security and antivirus expert John Alexander, and has a German Shepherd dog named Eljay. Joseph doesn’t eat oils, but he does paint with them, and is best known for his still life paintings that feature strong interplay between light and shadows.  Joseph has been a guest on multiple health and wellness podcasts and videos, and was recently a guest speaker at the Engine 2 Camp Plant-Stock retreat, and has presented on education design and health behavior at numerous scientific and professional conferences. He is currently training for the challenging 2019 17-mile Zumbro Endurance trail race and for the phenomenally difficult 2019 Leadville Trail Marathon. Joseph is the founder of Become Greater Healthful Lifestyle Coaching and is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. He is available to coach individuals and families who are interested in a plant-based approach to healthful living, and for speaking engagements.

Definitely check Joseph out at his website: Become Greater and Follow Joseph and Become Greater on Facebook and you can also JOIN the Engine 2 7 Day Rescue Group on Facebook

Thank you Joseph for coming on the show and sharing your incredible story and thank you all for listening.

I hope 2019 brings you deeper peace, greater self love and incredible health and healing.

Love and Good Health Always,

Corinne x