Episode 82 The Gawler Foundation's Maia Bedson On The Healing Benefits Of Meditation

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Hello and Welcome to episode 82!

This week I am excited to begin expanding this podcast into broader realms. Now, before you start to panic, this will always be a podcast focused on low fat, whole food, plant-based recovery stories, on HOPE stories because the World needs to hear them and the World needs to hear them LOUDLY. These stories need to be shouted from the roof tops until even your Great Uncle Barry hears them so often that he can no longer ignore them. These stories need to be shared so frequently, so unashamedly that no one questions whether or not your family Christmas is whole food, plant-based.

These stories ARE The Corinne Nijjer Podcast.

The Corinne Nijjer Podcast will always be a podcast about HOPE stories because people still desperately need HOPE.

However, moving forward, I want to begin including stories from a broader range of topics that still fit under the umbrella of achieving optimal health and wellness.

I want to include stories from whole food, plant-based folk who are doing great things in regards to environment and sustainability, fitness, wellness and relationships, sexuality, mindfulness, spirituality, stress management, mind set and so much more…

I know myself that adopting a whole food, plant-based diet has involved the breaking down of old habits and thought patterns that had kept me stuck in a sick body for over half of my life. Many people struggle to make the transition to a whole food, plant-based diet because they have so many other stressors in their lives that are simultaneously creating dis-ease, so making healthier food choices can feel impossible.

This was definitely the case for me in the beginning, which is why I wanted to include experts from a wider cross section of the health and wellness community because when we begin to add more joy into our lives, healing starts to occur on a mind, body and spirit level and as a result, we feel more joyful, more filled with love and more grounded and ready to make better choices about what we put into our mouths three times a day.

In 2006, when I was deeply broken, I attended The Gawler Foundation’s Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) Retreat with Dr George Jelinek and although to this day I can honestly say that that retreat saved my life, in 2006 I hated myself more than I wanted to get well. My journey out of self loathing has been long and not at all linear and although I learnt so much from my time at The Gawler Foundation, I wasn’t ready to give myself love through food, I wasn’t ready to embrace the OMS protocol.

Back in 2006 I still had so much healing work to do, so much grief, sadness, shame, anger and resentment that life felt impossible and a whole food, plant-based diet felt even more impossible. It wasn’t until 2008 when I woke up numb from the waist down that I was ready to commit to adopting the OMS protocol which then lead me to a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet and radically transformed my life (You can listen to my full story here ).

People need tools to create more joy so they feel less reliant on comfort foods to deliver them their daily dose of happiness in the form of sugars, salts, fats, refined grains. I needed tools to help me break free from food addiction, compulsive over eating and endless self sabotage, sickness and disease, I still do. Old habits die hard and our food habits start the moment we enter the womb, they start in Utero and we carry them throughout our entire lives and often without ever fully examining their origins or whether or not these habits are truly serving us. I want the future of this podcast to be a space where we can strive to become the absolute best version of ourselves possible, to become who we feel meant to be and to move towards that goal with a new and healthier relationship with food and as always, with HOPE.

So in light of all that, I can think of no better place to begin than by making a little space for PEACE and STILLNESS in between all of the busyness of life. Dr Jelinek, Dr Ian Gawler and many other proponents of Lifestyle Medicine and spirituality can attest to the many healing benefits that can be Meditation which is why I was so very honoured to have the lovely Maia Bedson on the show this week to share her many years of knowledge and wisdom with us all.

Maia Bedson – Group Leader, Counsellor and Therapist Mentor

Maia Bedson     DipHol Couns; Grad DipCounsHS Grad DipClinNut 

Maia Bedson

Maia Bedson

Maia is a counsellor, meditation teacher, a practitioner of various forms of natural therapies and has worked in the area of energetic healing for more than 20 years.


Maia has worked at The Gawler Foundation since 2000 and, prior to this, was in private practice as a natural therapist and meditation teacher. As well as her qualifications in these and in counselling, she also has a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and the Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University, which consolidate her more than 20 years study and practice in the area of diet and nutrition for healing and wellbeing.

Maia facilitates in the Lifestyle Medicine residential programs at The Gawler Foundation as well as being a mentor for other therapists there. A key element in all Maia’s teachings is the gift of presence – giving this to ourselves, our loved ones and life itself. She uses her various skills and the experience gained from her own healing to inspire and support others on their path to wholeness and has a particular interest in helping people to access their own inner wisdom. 

I recorded the intro to this episode immediately following the recording of this episode and you will notice I sound like I’m still floating on a cloud (or like I’ve suddenly become a phone sex worker, which was the first thing I said to my husband when he was editing the intro and asked me what had happened to my voice! ha!)

I swear it was Maia! Her guided meditation was like a peaceful, sleepy, de-stress elixir to my soul and I’m certain you will all be sounding super breathy and floaty too when you get to the meditation portion of this episode, so make sure you take a moment to listen to the meditation sitting down somewhere that you know you won’t be interrupted (def not while driving or during your morning work out), so that you can fully drop in and enjoy the stillness with Maia and I.

Now, if you have a favourite meditation or self care practice that works for you, please leave a comment on these show notes and share it with me and everyone else reading and listening along so we can all enjoy it with you and learn and grow together!

Thank you Maia for coming on the show and thank you all so much for your continued support for this podcast.

I hope you enjoy this episode and share it with your family and friends.

Much love,

Corinne x