Episode 80 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Almost Destroyed Geena's Self Confidence, Until She Found A Plant-Based Diet

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Episode 80 is here and I want to say a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to all the beautiful guests who have come on this show, bringing their brave and open hearts, along with their deep, desire to share their incredible HOPE STORIES with the World.

These stories have never been more important.

We all know someone who we love who is living with a chronic disease and we all wish desperately that we could help spare them from their suffering, but often our words seem to fall upon deaf ears. These stories are for those members of our families who simply can’t hear it from us. We’re too close to them. They can’t hear us but maybe, just maybe, they can hear it from Jeff Tritten, or from Adam Guthrie, or Joyce Hale, or Amanda Fisher, or Andrew Taylor, or Nalida Lacet-Besson, or Adam Sud, Josh La Jaunie, or Tim Brown or Kate McGoey-Smith or any of the other, now 80 HOPE STORIES available on this podcast.

I know I say it each week but your support for this podcast means the World to me because preventing people and families from enduring the seemingly endless suffering my own family has endured is the driving force inspiring me to continue to put out these hope stories each week. There was no hope for my brother as he suffered and slowly died from Muscular Dystrophy, but there IS hope for so many other people and families who are suffering at the hands of a preventable, chronic, lifestyle disease.

This is why these stories so desperately need to be heard by as many people around the World as possible.

My families grief at losing Brett and my own diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis inspires me each and every day to eat a whole food, plant-based diet and to do everything I can to prevent another family, another person from witnessing the slow and painful suffering and death of someone they love.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these stories with your families and friends on social media or around the kitchen table. They may never comment, like or share your posts but you just might touch someone, you might never know that they listened and they might never tell you that because of you they no longer have asthma, that because of you they’re no longer pre-diabetic, that because of you they’ve lost 10kg and have more energy than eve before.

Don’t wait for people to say ‘thank you’ before sharing these stories because it might never happen, share them with me anyway, into the seemingly deafening silence, knowing that once upon a time, we too noticed something somewhere that transformed our lives. If we can, they can too.

Thank you.

Geena-Rose Before & After a whole food, plant-based diet

Geena-Rose Before & After a whole food, plant-based diet

Now this week we have the lovely Geena-Rose Burton who is sharing her journey with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and how it impacted on her teenage years and young adult life. One of the highlights for me was hearing of Geena’s experience following the Paleo diet prior to switching to a whole food, plant-based diet, that part is worth listening and sharing with everyone you know!

We didn’t really get to go into it during the interview, but Geena now works with diabetes patients as well because of her journey and encourages the plant-based lifestyle when she is educating them :-)

You can find Geena on Instagram here:

@plantbased_gee or @missgeevious

You can also send Geena a friend request over on Facebook at Geena-rose Burton if anyone wants to get in contact with her regarding PCOS :-)

Thank you all for listening and thank you to Geena for being so very wonderful and brave sharing your story with us all. I’m so very grateful to you and happy that you are now out there spreading the plant-based message with your patients and the World. :-)

Corinne xx