Episode 84 From Non Vegan To WFPB Vegan - How My Husband Lost 13kg & Overcame Chronic Allergies

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Hello and Welcome back to episode 84 of the podcast!

Now, as many of you know, I squeeze producing this podcast into parenting my 2 little humans, working, book writing, studying, play dates, and life in general and recently I was taken out of action with a virus ‘thing’ and had to reschedule a few podcast interviews for a number of reasons and so this weeks episode approached and I had no interview to put out! #nightmare

Anyway, over the duration of this podcast my husband Ranjit has been working tirelessly behind the scenes editing and making sure the this podcast sounds as listenable (I don’t think that’s a word but it is now ;-) ) as possible and during that time he has also been on a pretty incredible health and healing journey of his own which is why I thought it might be a nice idea to introduce him to you all and for him to share his story from food obsessed omnivore to thriving whole food, plant-based vegan.

Ranjit Nijjer

Ranjit Nijjer

Ranjit is the love of my life and the calming soft, Yin to my Yang and witnessing his mind, body, spirit transformation throughout our relationship, and watching him as he continues to grow, adapt and move towards becoming a more present and emotionally, physically, spiritually and ethically congruent version of himself inspires me daily to do the same. He is someone I admire so greatly as a human for his ability to actively listen, to empathise, to communicate with minimal judgement, to speak honestly and lovingly, for his gentle nature ~ he is one of my greatest teachers and without his love and support, not only would this podcast not exist, but I can’t begin to imagine the path my destructive, self loathing might have lead me down.

When I first met Ranjit we both fell in love with two very different people than we are today but we are committed to deepening our love for ourselves and each other as we continue to grow, learn and become better versions of ourselves each and every day for our family, for one another and so that we can better contribute to our community and to the protection of the animals and the planet.

In this episode Ranjit talks about his journey from a very unwell child, through adolescence and to adulthood gaining and losing weight repeatedly and through sometimes extreme measures, we spoke a lot about his struggles with chronic and debilitating allergies and hay fever which took a huge toll on his life throughout his twenties and early thirties.

I also wanted to talk to him about what it was like for him when I went plant-based in my own attempt to heal my Multiple Sclerosis, then how he felt when I changed the game and went vegan for the animals and the planet. Ranjit’s own journey to veganism wasn’t overnight and we discussed the things that helped him eventually make the switch to a more compassionate way of eating that was in alignment with his values and view of himself as an ‘animal lover'.

Ranjit is very much an introvert, so this was not at all within his comfort zone but he still managed to share so many insights within this episode and I am so grateful he saved the day and helped me get an episode out to you all this week! Thanks so much Ranjit. xx

In this episode we mention some whole food, plant-based muffins Ranjit made recently, you can find them here:


I also wanted to share a list of great whole food, plant-based podcasts for you to listen to from Jenny Cameron (Episode 38)and Malcolm Mackay’s (Episode 22) incredible website Whole Foods Plant Based Health: https://www.wholefoodsplantbasedhealth.com.au/resources/podcasts/ This is such a comprehensive list of all my favourite podcasts on this subject, but there is so much other wonderfully informative information over on their website that is well worth checking out. Love you Jenny and Malcom! :-)

Now I was almost going to go into a huge discussion about the impact of a whole food, plant-based diet on sexual function within this episode but then remembered my parents are still alive so we deleted that portion of this episode ;-) But, we both definitely believe our whole food, plant-based diet plays a large role in our intimate relationship being as loving and connected as it is because prior to this way of eating, we simply didn’t have the energy, mental clarity, spiritual connection, nor the self love to truly connect on a deep level with ourselves, let alone another human being. This way of eating has simply transformed everything in our lives from the inside out.

Now, before I finish, don’t forget to listen to the end for Ranjit’s Top Tips for making the switch to a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet!

Thank you all for listening and supporting this podcast and please feel free to share this episode with your family and friends who might be struggling with weight loss or allergies and don’t forget you can join me in my Facebook Group: Plant-Based & Thriving for more support, information and encouragement on your own plant-based journey. :-) xx

Hope you enjoy the show this week and remember to love yourself wherever you are.

Wishing you great health and healing always,

Corinne xx