Episode 87 Dentist Helen Voronina Explains How A Plant-Based Diet Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Hello and welcome to episode 87 of the podcast!

Each Easter I take the kids away on a camping trip and this Easter I decided to check out Confest here in New South Wales. I, This was my first time experiencing this festival and I can only liken it to a trip I had to India in 2010 or to my own journey as a mother - it was the absolute most wonderous, love-filled thing, whilst also being so flipping grueling and overwhelming. There was such a beautiful sense of family, of friendship, of one-ness, of love and connection between so many strangers and a deep reverence for the land. One of my key take-aways from our time at Confest was the strong focus on self love and body positivity, which I know had a profoundly positive impact on my children and myself. I don’t know if you can mention Confest without talking about the fire twirling, the endless sound of people drumming and the mud pit which were definite high lights for myself and Theo (except at 3am when you’ve been trying to sleep with small children for hours and you start hating all forms of noise and the humans responsible for making it ;-) )

Needless to say, I’m still recovering and processing the experience and I think I will be for a while.

Before you rush out to grab your ticket to a little slice of Nirvana, I must mention that NSW has been in a severe state of drought for a long while now, the landscape is very harsh, dry and dusty, plus, thistles and every kind of razor sharp prickle manages to find homes in the soles of feet and imbed themselves in the fabric of clothing, plus the flies do not mess around and the toilets are an ‘experience’ but still, none of this overshadows the immensely positive nature of Confest.

If I had to pass on a few tips: I’d highly recommend:

  1. Taking a pair of heavy duty/thistle proof boots

  2. A dust mask and some natural insect repellent

  3. If you have little people, a camping trailer /trolley like this one (mine had thicker wheels which really helped with all the dust and sand), to haul them around, as the space is vast and little legs begin to complain about all the walking fairly early on without some way of carting them about.

I met this weeks guest at Nutrition in Healthcare Symposium organised by the lovely Lucy Stegley of Raw Events who is now co-founder of Doctors For Nutrition .

Dr Helen Voronina is an Implant Surgeon and Dentist in Melbourne, Victoria. She advocates a whole-food, plant-based diet for optimal health, ecological and compassionate reasons, and believes that prevention is the most important aspect of medicine. Her clinic, Dr Helen's Dental & Implant Studio, utilises cruelty-free and waste-conscious technology wherever available. In her spare time, Dr Helen dances ballroom and loves creating healthy recipes for her staff and friends. Her two rescue birds, Rocky and Roger, also enjoy her cooking.

Helen Voronina

Helen Voronina

As someone who has had my fair share of cavities, I personally took so much away from this interview with Helen and have shared the information with my family so that we can do our best to prevent tooth decay and the demineralisation of our teeth moving forward. I had no idea how fascinated I could be listening to a dentist talk about teeth and oral hygiene, but Helen is so very knowledgeable and passionate about dentistry as well as about plant-based eating for optimal human health, for the health of the planet and for living a more compassionate life for the animals that I could have talked to her all day.

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia and need a dentist, check out Helen here.

Thank you so much Helen for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening and supporting this podcast.

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Have a great week and I’ll see you week when I’ll be chatting with another incredible human, health coach, podcast host and author and just all round great guy - Howard Jacobson!

Wishing you incredible health always,

Corinne xx