Episode 90 Heal Your Gut With Natalie Woodman

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“We are more bacteria than we are human cells” ~ Natalie Woodman

Episode 90 is HERE and Holy Smokes! The countdown to the 100th episode anniversary begins!!!!!

It’s possible I may cry when this podcast reaches 100 episodes. I have poured my heart and soul into this project since the moment I decided to write a book of recovery stories and although the book is yet to be completed, this podcast is already helping to inspire so many people to make the switch to a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet and heal their bodies from the inside out and that makes all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into a project like this so very worthwhile (keep reminding me to get my shit together re the book, because I really want to get it to you by the time I turn 40 in December! So if you’d like a copy to give to your loved ones this Christmas, please send me words of encouragement via the comment section of these show notes! :-) )

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Ok. So this week I am having my first guest revisit and honestly, it’s not a moment too soon! I have been waiting since episode 14 to have the ever knowledgeable Natalie Woodman back on the show! When I learnt that our gut health was responsible for 70% or more of our immune health, I became completely obsessed with the microbiome and gut health, so whenever I find someone who is even more passionate about this topic than I am, I don’t let the opportunity pass up to pick their brain.

Natalie is a Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopath who is dedicated to helping you transform your health with food, so you can…

+ Reach and maintain a healthy weight
+ Say goodbye to bloating & digestive complaints
+ Balance hormones – no more PMS or hot flushes
+ Eliminate cravings and food addictions
+ Sleep like a baby - a good baby that is 😉
+ Restore energy levels
+ Eliminate aches and pains

With an online Virtual Clinic Natalie has clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada.

Natalie’s specialty is gut health, specifically restoring your ‘unique’ Gut Microbiome so you effortlessly reach optimal health and then stay that way.

She does not use any supplements, pills or powders. Her Protocol is completely food based.

Check out the conditions she treats and the results her clients have achieved by undertaking her Gut Rebalancing Protocol...https://nataliewoodman.com/results/

If you’re committed to lifelong change then please book a Complimentary Call here: https://calendly.com/nataliewoodman/complimentarychat

Gut Engineer - Natalie Woodman

Gut Engineer - Natalie Woodman

I think of Natalie as the gut health ‘Rain Man’ and have completed her program twice myself - the best part is the food is DELICIOUS and she gives you all the recipes and tools you need to simply, SHOP, MAKE, EAT and ENJOY!!

In this interview we spoke about the mind/body connection and the impact of stress on our gut health, how the microbiome functions and what it needs to heal, mindfulness and so much more…

One of my favourite, simple take aways from this episode was in Natalie’s Top Tips:

“Always make sure there is something alive on your plate”

You can follow Natalie Woodman on social media at Natalie Woodman and don’t forget to check out her incredible Gut Rebalancing Protocol at her website.

Please take a moment to share your favourite take away in the comments below, we’d love to read them! :-)

Hope you enjoy this episode and I’ll see you next week for episode 91 with none other than Andrew Spud Fit Taylor!!


Corinne x