Episode 91 Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Relationship With Food With Andrew Spudfit Taylor

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Hello there!

Episode 91 is here and we are officially counting down to our 100th episode! (Oh My Goodness!!)

In this episode I chat with my inspirational friend Andrew ‘Spudfit’ Taylor who you may recall from his incredible story of overcoming food addiction after consuming nothing but potatoes for 365 days back in 2016! Not only did Andrew lose over 50 pounds during that year, he also improved his mental, physical and emotional health, transforming his entire life from the inside out! Check out his AMAZING story in episode 16 of the podcast.

Andrew ‘Spudfit’ Taylor

Andrew ‘Spudfit’ Taylor

I never feel lost for words when talking to Andrew and this episode was no exception.

In the beginning of this episode Andrew gave us a little refresher into his year eating only spuds which then lead us into the concept of ‘minimalist’ eating (making food as simple as possible) as a means to overcome food addiction. In Andrew’s coaching he likes to support people to develop their own intuitive ‘Food Plan’ whilst also ensuring they spend most of their time together working on what he calls their ‘Thought Plan’. As someone who has spent most of my own life feeling trapped by my own issues with food addiction, this ‘Thought Plan’ is a real game changer. We also spoke about how we often need to reparent our inner child when addressing our issues with food addiction (or any behaviour that is having a detrimental impact on our lives) - you can check out Andrews blog post on this topic here.

I think the highlight of our conversation for me was discussing the guided meditation Andrew uses with his 1:1 coaching clients where he has people sit with their eyes closed as he takes them through what it would feel like to choose the cake, biscuit, chips, etc… now, then 10 minutes later, an hour after that, tomorrow, next week, month, 3 months from now and then in 6 months time. How would it feel to have made that choice to consume that cake over and over again for 6 months? How might you feel on an emotional level? In your body? How might you feel about your self having made that decision on repeat for 6 months? Now, how would you feel if you made the choice NOT to have cake & instead made the decision to stick to the food plan you had committed to in the very beginning? How would you feel after that first decision? An hour later, a week, a month, 6 months from now? How do you think you will you feel in your body? How will you feel on an emotional level? How will you feel about yourself having committed to making that decision for an entire 6 months?

I’m paraphrasing here, so you definitely want to listen to the entire episode so you don’t miss out on hearing Andrew explain this meditation to you himself.

Before I forget, you’ll definitely want to stick around until the end to hear Andrew’s 3 Top Tips for anyone wanting to overcome emotional eating/food addiction once and for all!

You can find out more about Andrew and his 1:1 coaching and group mentoring programs over at SpudFit

Find Andrew on social media @ Spud Fit

Check out Andrew’s Books: The DIY Spud Fit Challenge available on the website along with the opportunity to sign up for the Spud Fit challenge. Also, The Spud Fit Cookbook which includes recipes from more than 80 of the World’s leading experts in plant-based nutrition, myself included!

Thank you Andrew for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening.

See you all next week!

Corinne x