Episode 92 Shukul Kachwalla Shares His Plant-Based Journey & How He's Raising His Daughter Vegan

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Hello and Welcome back to Episode 92 of the podcast!

I have been a little under the weather lately with my ongoing jaw issues have been been struggling a little to get shit done because, quite frankly, I’m a bit of a mama-bear with a sore head! But I am very excited to get this episode out to you because each week we are getting closer and closer to celebrating our 100th episode!!

Can I get a Whoop! Whoop!! (Just do it in your head ;-) )

This week I reached out to Shukul Kachwalla from High Carb Health inviting him to come on the show and share his story of his life before and after adopting a whole food, plant-based diet.

Shukul’s brother Shamiz shared his story of recovering from Ulcerative Colitis back on episode 33 of the podcast which you should definitely check out!

My TMJ pain has been pretty severe lately with the changing of seasons and some other stresses in my personal life with the constant aching and tightness in my face and jaw at times distracting me from being in the present moment, which I think helped make this interview a little more tangential than other episodes but, I hope you will still enjoy all the avenues Shukul and I strolled down during our conversation. :-)

Shukul Kachwalla

Shukul Kachwalla

Shukul Kachwalla is a Certified Wholistic Health & Natural Healing Counsellor from the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy. His passion for health and nutrition is undeniable and he has a goal of helping people overcome sickness and improve health through healthy lifestyle practices. Shukul has recovered from severe Hayfever, Acne and Chronic Migranes and recommends a whole foods plant based diet to people who want to improve their quality of life and experience optimal health. He first came across the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet when he witnessed his brother recover from Ulcerative Colitis, a disease said to have no medical cure, via a change in diet. He is extremely passionate about spreading the message about better health.

Find more from Shukul here:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/highcarbvegan1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/highcarbhealth/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/highcarbhealth/

Website: http://www.highcarbhealth.com/

Thank you so much Shukul for coming on the show and thank YOU all so much for listening.

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Love Corinne xx