Episode 94 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Low FODMAP And A Plant-Based Diet

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Episode 94 is here and as I write this, we are having a public holiday here in Melbourne, so instead of working today, I am being #blessed with the sounds of my children arguing over what appears to be, just about anything (audible sigh). The sun is appearing and disappearing through the trees today and when I’m not playing with my children (breaking up arguments), I’m feeling really grateful to have experienced a wonderful afternoon yesterday watching the film Samadhi, hosted by the lovely Stuart McIntosh and Jai Ma from Raw Food For Life.

This invitation to watch Samadhi couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me on my own spiritual path. Recently, I have renewed my commitment to my own meditation practice, inspired in part by my ongoing issues with debilitating jaw pain, which I have found to be some much worse when I am in a state of tension, stress or anxiety. Although, I have experience some relief through acupuncture and Reiki healing, only continued mediation has allowed me to carry this state of relaxation and bliss for extended periods which is why I know, it is a must for me moving forward.

Have you tried meditation yourself?

What benefits have you noticed in your own life?

Please leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience. :-)

If you haven’t yet, feel free to listen to episode 82 of this podcast where I interview meditation teacher Maia Bedson about the healing benefits of meditation, if you listen to the end, Maia gifts us a beautiful meditation to finish off the episode.

This week I had a wonderful chat with Katherine Collyer who has a really emotional story to share. Like so many of the guests who have come on this show, Katherine and I have so many things in common including our digestive complaints and constipation! ;-)

I think many folk find conversations about bowel health a little TMI (Too much information), however, this podcast is about health and chronic disease and unfortunately, you really can’t talk about health without discussing digestive health/the microbiome/gut health and bowel movements as our gut health is responsible for up to 80% of our immune function.

In this episode Katherine will be sharing her personal journey with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and one of the reasons I was so excited to have Katherine on the show was because I’ve spoken to many people who have been advised to follow a Low FODMAP diet to manage their IBS and who as a result, felt that it was too difficult to then go plant-based. Katherine speaks about her own experience with Low FODMAP and transitioning to a plant-based diet and how these days she can pretty much eat whatever she wants (whole food, plant-based of course!).

Katherine’s first sign post that things might not be quite right with her gut microbiome was, like myself, childhood and adolescent constipation.

This was followed by indigestion, tummy pain, regular bouts of Thrush, aches and pain, head aches and internal haemorrhoids, chest pain, nausea and finally a diagnosis of IBS and the recommendation to follow a Low FODMAP diet.

Katherine Collyer

Katherine Collyer

Katherine soon found that stress, anxiety, lack of exercise and sleep all played a role in her IBS flare ups and this lead her to complete yoga teacher training and to start sharing her passion for yoga on her Facebook page: Try Yoga Basics .

Katherine went on to discover a whole food, plant-based diet after stumbling across the Cowspiracy documentary on Netflix and has gone onto create the Plant Based Home Facebook page where she shares her beautiful and nourishing plant-based meals and inspiration for us all to enjoy.

Katherine has also started a Plant Powered Ballarat group for all those living in and around Ballarat wanting to connect with other plant-powered individuals to share delicious plant-based meals and spend time with other like-minded, health conscious folk.

Katherine’s 3 Top Tips for those of you wanting to make the switch to a whole food, plant-based diet:

  1. Don’t STRESS! Start reducing non-compliant foods such as meat, dairy and eggs

  2. Gradually introduce more plant food

  3. Read and learn about a plant-based diet

Lastly, I wanted to mention, Katherine shares her story of healing from Vaginismis in this episode and for those of you wondering how this was resolved as we didn’t go into the details during our recorded conversation, Katherine was supported by her now husband alongside a holistic treatment program.

Thank you Katherine for coming on the show and being brave enough to share your story with us all.

Thank you all for listening and supporting this podcast by sharing it with your family and friends.

I hope you have a wonderful week,

Corinne x