Episode 95 Food Is Medicine Australia Talk Eating Eggs, Salt, Gut Health, Crohns Disease & More...

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Hello again we are now at Episode 95!!! So close to 100 episodes I can almost taste it!

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Ok, so this week I was lucky enough to have Tony and Elizabeth Boucher from the Food Is Medicine Australia Facebook Page on the show which you may remember from all the way back on Episode 5 when Tony shared his story of overcoming (undiagnosed) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Elizabeth shared her daughters story of overcoming Crohns Disease.

Tony & Elizabeth Boucher From Food Is Medicine Australia

Tony & Elizabeth Boucher From Food Is Medicine Australia

Tony and Elizabeth and I have become wonderful friends since we recorded our first episode together and this week we just chatted about all the topics that we thought you might find interesting such as:

  • ExVegans

  • Salt

  • Bacteria

  • Gut Health

  • Immune Function

  • Crohns Disease (Update about Elizabeth’s daughter)

  • Eggs (Not for the faint hearted! ;-) )

  • And Loads More!

Tony & Elizabeth gave us 5 great Tips for anyone wanting to start out on a plant-based diet including:

  1. Follow the Food Is Medicine Australia Facebook page

  2. Go Cold Tofurkey - Clean your kitchen out

  3. Have an open mind

  4. Find some community

  5. Going Vegan Isn’t Enough

Find more from Tony and Elizabeth over on Facebook at:

Food Is Medicine Australia

Thank you all for listening and thank you Tony and Elizabeth for coming back on the show!!!

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Wishing Love and Great Health,

Corinne x