Episode 96 Ankylosing Spondylitis, Severe Anxiety, IBS, Heart Burn & A Plant-Based Diet

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Hello and welcome back to episode 96 of the podcast!

With each episode we get closer to our 100th episode milestone, I become more unbearable to be around. ;-) (Sorry Mum and Dad! ;-) ) I mean if people thought I was obsessed with the health benefits of a whole food,plant-based diet before I started on this epic, podcast journey, they should see me now!

When you’ve literally interviewed one hundred people who have healed their chronic diseases with a whole food, plant-based diet, it becomes so much more difficult to listen to people talk about their chronic diseases with an open mind… I hear Doctor Michael Klaper (Episode 68) saying “It’s the Food!” in my head in almost every conversation I have these days.

Person A: ‘My Gout is playing up terribly. Think I’m going to stop drinking alcohol’

Me: (Don’t launch straight into telling them about a whole food, plant-based diet) ‘So have you considered trying out a whole food, plant-based diet? (Darn)

Person B: ‘You know your cousin Gerry has Psoriasis?’

Me: (Don’t say it) Um, what’s he eating? Has he thought about a whole food, plant-based diet? (Sighs)

Person C: ‘I’ve got terrible cramps because of my Polycystic Ovaries’

Me: (Stop it) ‘Do you know we have several guests on the show who’ve overcome PCOS with a whole food, plant-based diet?’ (For goodness sake!)

It’s very difficult to watch the people we love living with chronic ailments that we know are, in most cases, completely preventable and reverse-able with a whole food, plant-based diet. I think for many of us the worst part is that the people we love and care about, simply do not want to hear about it and they especially don’t want to hear about it from us. Most people would literally prefer suffering and death over giving up bacon and cheese.

Even after 100 episodes, 100 stories of hope and recovery from almost every disease imaginable, people are still sceptical and hoping for a quick fix with the latest fad diet, surgery or pill when… ‘it’s the FOOD!!’

It’s Always Been The Food!!

If you’re wondering what DOES work when trying to help people make the switch? Living by example. That’s pretty much the biggest thing you can do for those you love. Just keep getting better yourself, showing up, being a beacon of light and positivity. Making delicious plant-based food to share with them. Being joyful.

My Dad has been unwell recently and I still can’t help tagging him in plant-based posts and making comments in our family messenger chat like “Did you know I have 95 prescriptions for your problem at https://www.corinnenijjer.com/the-podcast” He ignores them completely but at least I know I’ve tried ;-)

If we all continue to share these episodes with our family, friends and work colleagues, and mums and dads at school drop off/pick up, eventually people will start listening. I am always so overjoyed when I hear from people who have found the podcast and have started to make the switch to a whole food, plant-based diet. Nothing brings me more joy!

Now, on that note, some of you may have heard I have started up a Patreon account as a means of continuing this podcast into the future and I thought I’d take a moment at the beginning of this episode to talk about what that means but, here is a little more info for you and the link for you to join:

Patreon is a crowd-funding platform designed to create a space for fans of online content to financially support the people who are creating the thing that they love listening to. This podcast takes time to make each week, time to source guests, schedule interviews, record interviews, edit interviews, write up show notes, upload audio and then to promote on social media. It take up time and it also requires the purchasing of software, hosting, recording equipment, a computer and bandwidth. Basically, it takes a full day (minimum) per week, where Ranjit and I could (should) be undertaking paid work to support our family. We do it because we deeply believe in this podcast and the importance of getting these hope stories out there but looking to the future, we do need to reassess the long term viability of putting out this podcast without the support of all of you. Patreon seems like a wonderful solution to this problem for the time being.

With Patreon, you can Become a Member of The Corinne Nijjer Podcast Community and by paying just $5 a month, you can join me on my mission to spread HOPE around the World. $5 is really just one soy chai latte per month and when you click on the link above you can check out the tiers of membership available to see what suits you and your finances. I would be so very grateful to you all for helping support the podcast and my personal mission to spread the healing benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet with as many people as possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xx

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Hope to see you there! :-) xx

Craig Lipnicki

Craig Lipnicki

Ok, so this weeks guest is Craig Lipnicki and he has been through a lot. Craig suffered for years with Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S). According to Arthitis Australia’s website: ‘Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a condition that mainly affects the spine. The joints of the neck, back and pelvis become inflamed, causing pain and stiffness. The sacroiliac joints are commonly affected in AS. These joints connect the base of your spine (sacrum) to your pelvis. Other joints, such as the hips and shoulders, can also be involved. AS can also affect other parts of the body, such as the eyes, skin, bowel and lungs. The symptoms of AS usually begin between the ages of 15 and 45 years.’

During the time when Craig was suffering with A.S he was also living with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, severe Anxiety and Heart Burn and today he shares his story with us along with some of the resources he used to help him make the transition to a whole food, plant-based diet such as:

Craig is now living free from chronic pain from Arthritis, running, lifting weights and overflowing with energy and he recommends everyone make the switch to a whole food, vegan diet for their health, for the animals and for the planet.

Craig’s Top 3 Tips:

  1. Watch Dominion Documentary

  2. Have lots of delicious vegan recipes ready to go (Check out Forks Over Knives App)

  3. Surround yourself with vegan/wfpb people/community

Thank you Craig for coming on the show and thank you all so much for listening, subscribing, sharing and supporting this podcast over at Patreon, I really love this podcast family we have created together and I look forward to it continuing until far beyond our 1000th episode!!

See you all next week!

Corinne x