Episode 97 Ulcerative Colitis Reversed With A Plant-Based Diet

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Hello and Welcome Back to episode 97 of the podcast!

I heard this weeks guest share her story first at the Doctors For Nutrition inaugural Australasian Nutrition in Healthcare Conference back in February, where she took the stage with the wonderful Shukul (episode 92) and Shamiz Kachwalla (episode 33), who are co-founders at High Carb Health where they are dedicated to helping people reverse and heal their ulcerative colitis.

Tishani Grioli came from an Italian/South American background where her diet consisted largely of meat balls, pasta, lasagna, salami, deli meats, cold cuts and cheeses. By 12 years of age, Tishani was experiencing tummy pain and severe nausea but was unable to vomit to help alleviate her discomfort.

By 19 years of age, Tishani was working and studying and her eating habits had worsened. She was now drinking coffees and cans of energy drinks to help her get through her work and study load and as a result of this became dehydrated, resulting in leg cramps and fatigue. Then she found blood in her stool.

Initially Tishani and her parents had assumed this was food poisoning or an anal fissure however, she was losing weight and unable to eat due to the frequency of her bowel movements.

5 weeks into daily bleeding and diarrhea (going to the bathroom up to 12 times day and night). At this stage Tishani had lost 7kg and collapsed in the shower, medical professionals still thought Tishani was experiencing severe gastro.

After making it through her graduation, Tishani came down with a fever and was struggling to see properly. She went to hospital and was given steroids and underwent a sigmoidoscopy (without pain relief!).

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Finally, Tishani was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and advised to eat breads and white foods to help block her up and prescribed Mezavant and sent home.

Shortly after arriving home, Tishani came down a headache, ringing in her ears, couldn’t see properly and had a red rash over her body. After heading back to hospital, she was advised she was having an allergic reaction to the Mezavant.

Tishani went off the Mezavant and continued on with oral steroids for another 8 months, the side effects of the steroids made her itchy, tired, puffy, grumpy, paranoid, anxious and emotional.

Eventually, Tishani weaned off the steroids as she was going to the bathroom up to 25 times per day whilst on the medication and she was readmitted into hospital. Once there, doctors advised Tishani that she would need to take an even stronger drug called Mecaptopurine which is typically prescribed to cancer patients and that she would need to take this for the rest of her life. At this time Tishani was also seeing a Naturopath and taking 30 different pills in a desperate attempt to heal from her condition.

The Mecaptopurine is so strong that it is recommended you do not share a toilet with anyone while you are taking it and it is also recommended that you keep out of the sun.

3 months into taking the Mecaptopurine, Tishani’s symptoms were relieved but her liver was being severely damaged so she was then prescribed Gout medication to alleviate the side effects of the Mecaptopurine. At this time she was given the option of having 21cm of her bowel removed or even stronger drugs…

Tishani was devastated by this and her loving father told her he would find a solution.

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After days, weeks and months, committed to scouring the internet for answers, her father discovered Shamiz’s incredible story of healing from his own ulcerative colitis and began working with High Carb Health, and their high carb, healing diet and the rest is history. After 2.5 months spent detoxing and living on bananas and smoothies and juices, Tishani no longer has any symptoms of her disease and is feeling incredible.

That was 3 years ago now.

No toxic drugs, no surgery, just vibrant, nutrient rich, fibrous plant food that our colons love!

Tishani’s Top 3 Tips for anyone wanting to make the switch to a plant-based diet are:

  1. Go slow - take small steps

  2. Educate yourself - YouTube, Books, Webpages, etc…

  3. Be Creative!!

And don’t forget to check out the work of Shamiz and Shukul at High Carb Health for more information, resources and support.

Thank you so much Tishani for bravely sharing your story and thank you all so much for listening and sharing these stories with your family and friends. :-)

I hope you enjoyed this episode and look forward to seeing you again next week for episode 98!

See you next week!

Love and Incredible, Plant-Based Health Always,

Corinne x