Episode 102 Stephanie Magalis Shares Her Journey Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis

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Hello and Welcome to episode 102 of The Corinne Nijjer Podcast!

I wrote the entire show notes last night so I’d be all set to relax on my holidays today and they vanished into thin air! So apologies for the delay getting this weeks episode out to you!

This week I was thrilled to have Stephanie Magalis on the show to share her Multiple Sclerosis journey.

This is the 6th MS recovery story on the podcast so far and for those of you living with MS or caring for someone with MS, there are more and more stories just like Stephanie’s coming out every single day as more and more people discover the benefits of a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet to help prevent further relapses from the disease.

So far we have heard stories from:

  1. Rebecca Stonor - Episode 13

  2. Jennifer Sweda - Episode 28

  3. Rebecca Rosenberg - Episode 35

  4. Corinne Nijjer - Episode 36

  5. Tim Brown’s - Episode 72

If you or someone you love is living with MS and without HOPE, these stories exist for YOU.

These six people have bravely come on this show to talk about their darkest moments and their greatest joys at being well for the first time in their lives because they know what it’s like to be frightened, to feel helpless, to have the whole medical establishment telling them to give up hope, that there was no future free from debilitating chronic disease for them to look forward to. But we searched for that ‘future’ regardless of all the negative noise to the contrary. We refused to allow others to dictate what might be possible for us, believing that if, for just a moment we took a pause, turned inward and listened to what our bodies were trying to tell us for so many years.


If we just listened to what our internal voice were saying to us, were literally begging us to hear.

‘Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food’


It’s so simple it still seems laughable. Put the right fuel into your body, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds, some water, sunshine, daily exercise, add in some stress reducing practices and a decent nights sleep and watch as your health and life changes dramatically for the better!


We shouldn’t need 102 episodes to tell us what should be common sense to all humans.


Fish know what fish need to thrive, cats know what cats need to thrive, donkeys know what donkeys need to thrive and yet, humans, the most ‘intelligent’ species on the planet has no flipping idea. If I fed a cow doughnuts and KFC, no one would question why that cow became overweight, sickly and then died and yet here we are… It’s 2019 and humans are more confused than ever before about what foods we need to thrive. Is it Gluten free foods? Sugar free foods? Low carb foods? Paleo?



Stephanie Racing

Stephanie Racing

Well, on that note, Stephanie Magalis had an enlarged thyroid which was followed by a terrifying diagnosis of MS and she too turned to clean eating and a paleolithic diet in the hopes that it would turn out to be the ‘cure all’ diet that it is espoused to be and the results for Stephanie were quite alarming. On top of her enlarged thyroid and her MS. Stephanie became pre-diabetic.

Stephanie has been a registered nurse for 26 years and have worked in the areas of neurology, oncology, public health, and inpatient physical rehabilitation. She has also just completed her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. 

There is so much to Stephanie’s story so please take a moment to listen to this episode on your next hike or long commute or listen to it in parts over a few days while you’re cooking dinner because her journey to better health is so powerful to listen to.

Stephanie’s daughter adopting a plant-based diet was the catalyst for Stephanie discovering the benefits of a plant-based diet for overcoming chronic disease and once she did, the ripple effect on Stephanie’s health was tremendous.


Stephanie has:


More energy


Cholesterol has reduced to to a healthy level


She is no longer pre-diabetic


Her hormones are back to normal

Stephanie Magalis

Stephanie Magalis


Her thyroid has gotten smaller


Blood pressure is now normal


She is now off all of her MS medications


She’s had no new lesions in the last 2 years


Rather than resigning herself to a lifetime of sickness and disease, Stephanie is now running half marathons, hiking, biking and enjoying an entirely new and wonderful life with her family! Like many who have gone on this journey, Stephanie has also made the connection to the animals and the planet and become an ethical vegan for the animals. J

Stephanie’s entire family are now eating far more plant-based meals with both daughters now vegetarian and Stephanie’s husband eating plant-based at home.

The thing I find myself saying over and over on this podcast is this, we don’t just get our old, unhappy lives back when we make the switch to a whole food, plant-based diet.

We don’t get back the lives we were living that were making us sick to begin with.

We get NEW, BRILLIANT LIVES!! Lives that none of us could ever have imagined!!

Lives that have us overflowing with JOY at each moment we get to continue living them!

We don’t ‘lose’ anything, except the broken version of ourselves that was making us sick.

That’s the only thing we lose when we make the switch to a whole food, plant-based diet.

Everything else is ALL WINS.

Stephanie’s Top 3 Tips include:


  1. Take Baby steps – meatless Mondays, etc…

  2. Educate Yourself

  3. Find Community/Support Networks

  4. Goals – What is your WHY?

Stephanie also wanted to mention, since she didn’t think she explained it fully during the interview, the reason she mentioned the open MRI is that it is not the same quality as the closed MRI. She did have an active MS lesion at T6 in 2010, but it was missed on that MRI due to the poor quality. So if anyone is having an MRI to possibly look for MS lesions, be sure to have it done in a closed MRI. Even as a registered nurse, back then she had no idea that would matter!

Stephanie Thriving After Recovering From MS

Stephanie Thriving After Recovering From MS

Thank you so much Stephanie for coming on the show and sharing your story with us all.


Thank you all so much for listening and please take a moment to SHARE Stephanie’s inspirational story with your family and friends on social media. You might just change someone’s life for the better.


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